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What can you do with $26

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by b12mick, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. Well what I did was go for a 227km ride on some of my favourite back roads. Left home at about 9am and got back home at about 11:30am.

    Oura RD.


    Wantabadgery Rd


    Oxley Bridge Rd

    The cost

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  2. ... sounds like $26 well spent.
  3. time & money well spent
  4. On a related note. If you ever visit sunny downtown Wagga Wagga - DO NOT fill up at the Shell servo on Bourke St in Tolland. I filled up there on Sunday after my ride and it appears there is now water in the tank. Now the more mechanically minded among you would no doubt suggest that I drain the tank etc. Unfortunately, I am in no financial position to throw away $26 dollars. So instead tonight I will try the old trick of dropping a cap of metho in the tank and see if that helps.

    I say it's water because it's a biatch to start and coughs, pops, and farts for a K or 2 then it's fine.
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  5. So as a bit of a follow up.

    After having problems starting the bike all week I decided to drain the tank on Sunday.

    Mt Austin - Ladysmith - Wokolena Rd - Shepherds Siding - Cartwrights Hill - Super Cheap Auto Berry St - Mt Austin.

    At Super Cheap Auto I bought some 'Injector Cleaner' then went to a more reputable petrol station, emptied 50ml of the 'cleaner' in to the tank and filled up with 16lt of nice 95ron fuel.

    This morning the bike started brilliantly and ran very well.
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  6. Hey b12mick,
    new to this site myself but i'm from the Wagga Wagga area myself. Which roads in the area do you recommend for a good ride? Cheers.
  7. $26....have a pretty good arvo in the Philipines:wacky:
  8. Glad to see someone out for a ride! (y)
    I so sick of this shite weather.

    Thanks for the tip regarding the injector cleaner, l hardly ever fill up at any Shell servo's, unless l have no choice. Maybe just a coincidence, but l have had similar dramas.
    Another way to check your fuel, is let the bike sit for a while to allow the fuel to settle, then dip the tank with a 'see-through' tube, reaching all the way to the bottom, then put your thumb over the end of the tube and withdraw it from tank. You can see any water or crap through the tube.

    Cya around mick!
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  9. Mate, check out the first few pages of the 'Riverina riders' thread in the general section on this forum, lists a few local roads worth doing.
  10. Bit of a thread revival.

    @aymonb@aymonb as dobbo said but it does depend on what you like and how long you've got.