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what can i do if i was sold the wrong bike?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Filo01, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. i'm just wandering if i could take any legal action if i was sold the wrong bike? i was told i bought a cbr250rr 1992 model(says all of this on my paper work), but i have a nagging feeling i was sold a cbr250r(they just moded the body kit/breaks) i checked the import plates, they say the bike is cbr250r, but the chassis number says the bike is a cbr250rr(l)

    I'm bring it into anther mechs this weekend, if i find out it's not the bike i wanted/told, could i force them to give my money back? just want to make sure, so i can start the paper work up now.

  2. Put a picture up for us. Basically, the RR has twin front brakes, the R has single. Many of the Rs have had their fairings jazzed up and they all say RR - I know, very misleading. It's possible that they made an error on the plate, but it's very suspicious. Perhaps they put the bike together from a couple of written-off bikes :?:
  3. Do we dare ask where you bought it? Should we guess :roll:???
  4. Other than the twin front brakes and different fairings what else was different between the CBR250R and RR models?

    Found this

    Do you have 5 or 6 gears because wikipedia seems to suggest the single R has only 5 gears?
  5. I don't really want to give them a bad name till i find out for sure.

    yah i was talking to a mate about it this morning & i was told a few cbr250r's were changed to duel front, after importing, my cbr has 2 front break.

    the main reason i want to know is i have a tyga kit i ordered coming in, if i find the bike isn't correct i'm gona go down to the dealer & force them to give my money back, or a new bike & then stomp the salesman out.

    quik edit,

    chassis number = mc221055516

  6. MC22 = CBR250RR
  7. Yes, you can take action if what your received wasn't what you were led to believe it was. (if you need further help pm, my bro knows this stuff)
  8. Filo everybody told you in this forum not to buy from certain shop. Go there wearing your work uniform and see what happens. I bet they will cooperate.

  9. +1 u have a CBR 250 RR, frame If u post some picks with the bottom+cowl fairing off im sure we can make out any sus parts.
  10. i'll try to get some pics up tomorrow, can't find my camera atm. can't use my left arm atm >< freaking just sprained it good
  11. Import plates can be confusing, on them, the official name of a
    "double r" is "cbr250r"
    and an "single r" is shown as "cbr250".

    Don't stress, there's a very good chance you've ended up with the correct thing. So, how many gears DO you have?

    +1 If you have the straight swingarm on the rear
    and the frame with the straight beam from the footpeg to the steering,
    it's a "single r",

    if you have the big curve in the right hand side of the swingarm
    and the "kink" section in the frame
    it's a "rr".
  12. those pics :(
    i miss my CBR
  13. So he bought it off Sumoto world of 250's?
  14. Sumoto, The first time I walked in there I had a very bad feeling. Never went back there again and then I started to hear bad things about them...

    I think what will give away most if your bike is a R or RR is the swing arm and the number of gears....
  15. If the goods are not "as described", you have a legal right to a refund under law.
    Consumer affairs would help if the shop didn't come to the party.
  16. It seems at this stage everything is pointing to it still being a CBR250RR MC22
  17. dude.

    its been 5 days since Hotcam posted, with enough info to pretty much definately work out if you have an "r" or a "rr".

    so work it out already, and let us know!!

    im curious :grin:
  18. Me too. :grin:
  19. Hmm...

    I'll mention one word - Whirlpool...
  20. Don´t start it yet.