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What can be said other than SMIDSY?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smileedude, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. So on occasion I have to get in a cage. I am a very observant driver and I consider the chances of me hitting a rider are sweet f*** all. But what if I did, and it was a SMIDSY? What can I possibly say?

    Obviously we are all going to be pretty upset if hit by a car that doesn't see us. Just wondering what you think is the least antagonistic thing they can possibly say to us in this situation to explain their actions. With all the options available, "sorry mate I didn't see you" doesn't seem too bad, it admits fault and is a pretty accurate description of what happened. Far better then "you were going too fast for me to see" or something like this.

    Several riders here have stated how upset they've gotten when a driver has said SMIDSY, or words to that effect after an accident, but is there actually a better explanation they can give?

  2. "Sorry, I didn't look" would be more accurate.
  3. Just quote the tac ad?
  4. what for ferfargin you kick my dog and call him f*ckoff ferfargin
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  5. How about SMIFU.
  6. "If you think there is a chance of hitting someone, chances are you will" [-(

    I dunno, but I like the idea of "SMIFU". Man I was a passenger in Dad's car today, holy dooley, frightening. And he was driving way too far up the ass of a bike (which was obeying the road rules, doing all the right things) with a pillion. Just sat there clenched and picturing the next morning's headlines, something to do with two pancakes, and three motorcyclists at fault. Kinda brings home how difficult it can be to manage the road situation (regardless of what sort of vehicle you're in/on), especially with how much traffic there was.
  7. No... But I think the real issue isn't that they didn't see you, but quite often that they did'nt look in the first place.

    I've argued this point on here a number of times...that if a guy takes a good look and just doesn't see us, then it's a legitimate reason. Honestly, if they don't see you, they don't see you.
    We ARE harder to see, especially when their eyes are trained to look for big box shaped things. Not being one, we may not 'register'.
    We see them looking at us, but quite often they are looking beyond us to the cars behind.
    I've smidsy'd other bikes in heavy traffic while on my bike, and I'm trained to look for bikes!.
    Just say, you didn't spot them with all the traffic around.

    Of note, is the fact that some riders do themselves no favors by reading situations ahead poorly, which doesn't give the driver much of a chance. And then scream about it if something happens.

    I've been hit twice in the last 30 yrs. Both times, I was completely hidden in the sea of headlights behind me in the pissing rain at night. I never said anything at the time for insurance purposes, but I can fully appreciate not realizing that there was one of those headlights attached to a bike, and ahead of the pack behind.
    Or in the second case, hidden behind cars, where I would not be expect to be seen. I never saw them either. Again I kept my mouth shut for insurance purposes.
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  8. holy shit, holy shit i ****ed up. is what i'd go with
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  9. You could lead out with
    "Were you travelling at 68Km/h?"

    But actually, I like the "Sorry mate, I didn't look".
  10. please accept this side mirror as a token of my sincere promise to never drive a car on the road ever again
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  11. "Where the hell did you come from?"
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  12. "Sorry love I didn't see you"
    "Sorry bro I didn't see you"
    "Sorry dude I didn't see you"
    "Sorry darl I didn't see you"
    "You fargin idiot"
    "What the fark are you doing"
    "*silence and heavy breathing*"
  13. "Are you alright?"

  14. Having just had my first off in 35 years, a SMIDSY, I cannot automatically agree with the "i didn't look" attitude of some bikers above. Don't assume the person didn't look just because they didn't see you. As others have pointed out, and through my work I have professional experience of, perception of objects can be affected by a variety of factors. The brain interprets the signals it receives to create a picture and that perception can easily be off beam. An Escher drawing is an easy demonstration of that(look it up on Google if you are not familiar with it). Others have referred here to the issue of not perceiving a bike among anticipated different sized and shaped objects - the brain does not perceive every scene with a completely clean slate and 100% accuracy. Train drivers and pilots fall foul of this, even with years of training, and make mistakes. Car drivers get neither the training or the reinforced expertise those have.

    In my case, the driver was looking down the road towards me(I saw him as I braked hard), but didn''t notice me. Yes, his fault, he could have done a double/triple check, or focussed on a variety of different sized objects, it might have made a difference - or not, I guess he wasn't perfect.

    So have you NEVER missed seeing a pothole in a corner, or a roo on the roadside or a kid on a bike or whatever? I have, I'm human sadly.

    So SMIDSY is reasonable, if they were looking at the time.

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  15. I think people here get way too hung up on the didn't look factor. Yes drivers are dumb, but no they are not dumb enough to enter an intersection without right of way without atleast having a glance. A driver that doesn't look will survive 5 minutes on a road and we don't really have to worry about them because there is a much higher chance they will get wiped out by another car or truck than hit a bike.
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  16. you get a nod but it was a halfhearted one.
    not entirely in agreeance.'
    should not be driving two tonnes of steel on a public road if they are not switched on to their surroundings.
  17. unfortunately that has become he norm.
    a car is just a mobile room they live in. full of welcome distractions from the boredom of watching the road.
    does not make it right.
    should be responsible and fully accountable should they harm someone like us.
  18. Someone distracted is likely to rear end you or come accross double whites at you. But an intersection SMIDSY is different. Yes distraction could cause someone to take less care at an intersection but it is not the primary cause in most SMIDSYs. As powerd said there really is a problem with drivers looking and not seeing.

    And thanks for the halfhearted nod, you know how much I love em.
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  19. SMIDY


    Hell you may as well.....I just tried to own you with my cage......Just try it - you might like it
  20. No point, if they were indeed travelling at 68km/h they would have flown over your cage and broken their neck on the pavement. You would already know the answer.