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What can $4 get you?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by es, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. A little slice of heaven! mmmm.... chocolate....

    I bought some to give to mat to pay him back for the block he got the other day; but now i think there may not be any left when he gets home!! What do i do?
    a) hide under the bed
    b) stay at a friends for a few days
    c) not tell mat I bought & ate it all
    d) buy another block and run the risk of eating that too
    e) other
  2. (d.) other combine it with (a.) bed.
  3. From someone who loves chocolate, I would

    d) buy another block and run the risk of eating that too


    :D :D
  4. Depends in which country... If you were in Thailand/Bangers... Well, for AU$4 can get you alot with that chocolate :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Hell yes that would get you the whole ping pong table.
  6. *shudder*
    I agree with scooter.
    $4 will get you
    some of the way on the F5 frewway
    a copy of "Just Bikes" magazine
    a small bunch of flowers
    a bike wash in a do-it-yourself car wash (take a towel to wipe the seat when you're done..:))
    a latte in most coffee shops
    3 and a bit litres of petrol (less than that if you buy PULP)

  7. Definitely a c) and a d) :LOL:
  8. eswen, go with d), make sure you rub all over your body, then serve it up to Mat.

    Mat, you can buy me a beer somtime :wink:
  9. I think flashman will have something to say about that :shock: :shock:
  10. Hi Eswen, I would definitely go out and buy another block - close to the time he is due home. IF it is still there when he gets in, then tell him about it...otherwise ENJOY THE WHOLE DAMN LOT :LOL:
  11. Leave chocolate by the front door.
    Handcuff yourself to the bed.

    It'll all work out for the best.
    Unless the bed will fit through the door...
  12. $4!!!!!!

    Safeway here in Carlton near work had big blocks of chocy $1.50 off yesterday (usually happens once every few weeks).
  13. thats so unfair. I hate you matt.

    *thinks about all the 2 and a bit blocks she could get in carlton for $4*
  14. cruisingal is right; buy a new block close to the time, and if you have to have a bit, tell him you were doing a quality-control check so he wouldn't be getting sub-standard choccie.
    Either that, or meet him at the door in your best lingerie, with the empty wrapper in your hand, and hope for diversion therapy to kick in!
  15. Es, your going about this all wrong, message him to pick up a block on the way home. your cost 25c. that way he buys the block and has some and you get the rest.
  16. but I did that yesterday so wanted to try something new today...
    Its too late! he caught me out with half the block gone, what was left sitting in front of me. I convinced him someone gave it to me and I would buy him a replacment ASAP but he was welcome to have some of my block in the mean time.
    Hope he doesnt see this thread... :LOL: