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What brand on Petrol?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Tweekz, May 13, 2006.

  1. Hey all..
    Just curious as to what people use in there motorbikes these days ?
    A lot of people i know have preffered fuel to pump in there bikes, it doesnt bother me all that much - although shell is always seen as a good brand for me.. And do people use the hi octane stuff ? I've heard mixed reports about using it, some people say that its the only petrol you should use, others say stay clear of it. What do you all think about it ? what do you use ?

  2. apparantly optimax is no good for bikes because of the cleaning agents in it. Dont know if thats true or not, but its easy enough to use other brands of premium, so i do.

    I run caltex vortex, only because safeway petrol in my area is a caltex and i like to get my 4c discount.

    I kinda think fuel is fuel, some may be better than others, but then i dont check my chain tension, tyre pressure, make sure my carbs are balanced, clean air filter, pick small stones out of tyres and all that other crap that may or may not affect the performance of my motorbike.

    You have to draw the line somewhere.
  3. Yep. If your bike is designed to run on ULP, then anything else is a waste. I don't bother with small stones either, but all those other things are important - especially the tyre pressure and chain tension.
  4. Use the search function. This topic has been discussed over 100 times!

  5. I use that Plus ULP pretend-petrol from United, coupled with a Fuel Cat in the petrol tank as a lead substitute.
  6. I use Mobil Premium Unleaded, I think it may be called Syn 8000 or such like.
  7. I just use Shell Premium Unleaded... I usually dont fill up anywhere else cause there is a shell abou 500m's down the road from me so it is very convenient.

    It also depends on where the bike you are riding comes from. Japanese bikes/cars are designed to run with higher octane fuel. If you don't further down the track it will create problems with how your beast runs.
  8. My bike loves the Shell 95 stuff. I can tell the difference betwen that and el cheapo fuel.
  9. just normal unleaded and 1 a month a splash of the synergy 8000 from mobil
    i cant feel any difference
  10. As Moike says, if your bike's handbook says "91 RON or higher" then it's just a waste of dough going to a higher octane fuel.
  11. I have a mate that is ex petroleum industry - his comment when i Got my bike was that standard ULP (91) gets all the crap from the refining process (its base product after all) the higher octane versions tend to be cleaner (better quality) fuels. I think the biggest message is listen to and feel your bike then decide on what you want to run on.
  12. I use any premium unleaded (without ethanol) in my R1150R, and can't say I notice any difference between brands. I use 100LL Avgas in my 1975 R60/6 because it still has lead in it.