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What brand of oil do you use and why?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mjt57, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. Shell synthetic

  2. Shell semi-synth

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  3. Mobil synthetic

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  4. Mobil semi-synth

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  5. Castrol synthetic

  6. Castrol semi-synth

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  7. Valvolene

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  8. Other

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  1. I'd like to find out what oils you guys use and why. I've been using Shell, a semi-synthetic oil and have now switched to Mobil and will be using its equivalent. This is mainly because of the change of fuel cards that my employer provides.

  2. I'm using Mobil semi-synth for no particular reason (although the bottle does look nice).

    I did hear good things about Motul oils the other day from a race mechanic so I might give that a go.
  3. I use Motul full synth, bit expensive but does the job.
  4. Road bikes:- Mobil full synth and Motul

    Dirtbikes:- Motul, Penzoil, Castrol, Rockoil
  5. Penrite HPR 15w60. Suits a high compression, slow revving motor. Non-friction modified, so my wet clutch is happy and doesn't froth.
  6. Whale oil, the fresher the better. :LOL:
  7. Motul semy synth 5100

    best stuff I have ever used...

    also I have never used Mobil oil... but Motul in my opinion is better than every thing elase (except Mobil coz I have never used it)
  8. Shell VSX4. I've been brainwashed. :LOL:
  9. The very finest olive oil.

    Mmmm - extra virgins... :p :LOL:
  10. Anglomoil.

    I'll do a review and explain why, when I drop it in a few weeks
  11. Motul 5100 semi-synthetic
  12. ...and not so slow revving engines.
    Using it for the last 2 years in just about any bike (up to about 12K redline), no probs. It's way overspecced for the cage...but at tradeprices for 20liter drums...who cares. :D
  13. I have used Castrol (mineral based) for a long time
    and have had the odd crankcase of Motul in the Kwaka (ZX750)
    and that has been fine..she runs well up Reefton
    or on the main straight at PI

    I tried Shell (semisynth) once and it was terrible...shocking
    (I rang Shell coz I thought it had to be a bad batch)
    6 false neutrals in the gearbox, the valve noise coming from the
    top was bad and the clutch got really grabby

    went back to Castrol, and she has behaved since

    but I have mates who swear by Shell..works for them
    guess it is like fuels (mine does NOT work with Optimax at all)

    find one that works and stick with it!

    my 2c

  14. Shell VSX4
    My serviceman has been using this oil, or its equivalent for servicing my bike for just over 100000k's. I don't know if it's synthetic or what, I just let Rick take care of it!
  15. vegtable oil (canola) because i am a greenie with a cholestrerol problem :LOL:
  16. Whatever my service man puts in it; I don't tell him how to service the bike, he doesn't tell me how to sell laser printers!
  17. Penzoil Bike Oil, because the local shop stocks that consistently and the other brands they are often out of.
  18. I have always used a bike specific oil, but a mate used ordinary car oil and had no problems. From this forum am I right in saying that car oil is OK as long as it is not friction modified and will cope with the higher revs in a bike.
    As I now do 2500km per month I am looking for a cheaper alternative.
  19. I use motul 20-50w oil in the summer time on the yammy viagra, also has aditivies to stop clutch slip too.
  20. Some car oils should be okay for a bike but there is a risk involved in buying the wrong one. You'd probably be better off going for a cheaper non-synthetic bike oil (can usually pick up Castrol brand stuff cheap in Supercheap Auto) since the price difference between that and decent quality car oil is not that great. Really cheap car engine oil should never be used in anything (it's usually made from recycled, filtered industrial oil and often contains worse things than the stuff you drain out).