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What brand/model is this production jet bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by goofyOz, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    Was looking around the net and noticed this video (like a few others of the same bike).

    Can anyone tell me what the brand is? I'm interested in doing some research!

  2. Marine Turbine Technologies produces the bike. It is called the 'Y2K Superbike'.

    MTT made a name for themselves producing various different boats using no-longer-airworthy gas turbines from helicopters. Gas turbines that have reached their maximum number of 'air hours' and can no longer be installed in flying aircraft.

    They're "safe" to use in boats and cars and bikes because your boat, car and bike cannot fall out of the sky. At least, not usually.

    The bike, from memory, costs in the order of $150,000US.

    Given that the entire engine is a turbine, it suffers from a lot of 'lag' (think 'turbocharger lag'). There's a reason gas turbines are used for constant-throttle applications like aircraft, boats and helicopters and not for cars and bikes. Turbines, by nature, just aren't well-suited to stop-go-stop-go road use.

    Edit: Damn you, Ktulu! Beaten! *shakes fist!* :)
  3. Well just get one of them CVVT transmission things, would that work??
  4. They guarantee you can do a genuine 400kmh on a long enough road, and nobody's ever asked for their money back on that claim.

    Still, the swingarm looks a bit too long for wheelie action, so I'll wait for the naked version... :grin:
  5. don't you mean, No ones lived long enough to ask for their money back.

    Apparently Jay-Leno, ownes one & he said riding it was like sqaure dancing with a fat chick. He also recommended against riding it in traffic, as the exhaust is hot enough to melt plastic bumper bars on the cars sitting next to him.
  6. I'm not familiar enough with the capabilities and limitations of CVT gearboxes to speculate. Certainly, most CVT vehicles I can think of only have ~100 horsepower or less and 150-200Nm torque or less.
  7. isnt that a positive?
  8. I guess your right:
    Jay-leno owns one -1
    like dancing with a Fat chick -1
    Goes 400km/h +100
    Melts cages plastic bumpers +10000000000000000000000000000000000
  9. Try the nissan murano with a stonking 245 bhp and a cvt. Building a cvt to handle one of these jets would be fairly easy, building it small enough would be another problem, which is the main problem plaguing cvt transmissions.
  10. Yeah, but they'll still fail catastrophically and cut your legs off..............

    Regards, Andrew.