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What brand do you ride? Why?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ZX9rB3, May 3, 2006.

  1. Kawaski

  2. Honda

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  3. Yamaha

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  4. Suzuki

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  5. Triumph

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  6. BMW

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  7. Harley Davidson

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  8. Other

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  1. Hi all, I was reading another post and someone made the comment that their would probably be more Honda riders than any other brand. Well I was wondering if thats true, keeping in mind I think Honda are the biggest seller in oz then thats likey but lets see. :grin: :wink: :?

  2. I ride the big K Kawasaki and I think it was way back when the Z900 was around and people were getting them looking and sounding amazing in there day. So I have always loved Kawasakis. My first bike was a Suzuki dirt bike an RM125 A so I like the Sukis as well but it the big K for me.

    Cheers :beer:
  3. im a bit of a slut - no particular brand
    been on a kwaka, triumph, honda and now my yammie... still havnt owned a suzuki. Dont think i ever will
  4. Honda are the biggest seller, and the figures would be even greater if they counted the numberless Posties they sell!

    I started out as a Yamaha man, and probably still would be if I could have found a Thundercat for around $5,500 when I bought the Hornet. But I'd need some convincing to change now.....
  5. my bikes went....

    Honda (CR250)
    Suzuki (bandit 250)
    Yamaha (YZF600R)
    Suzuki (GSXR1100)
    Kawasaki (ZXR750)
    Suzuki (GSXR750)
    Kawasaki (ZX7R)

    so yeah, i'm a slut :p it comes down to the best bike for my budget, i have absolutely no loyalties whatsoever.
  6. Have gone from Suzuki (GF250) to Honda (VFR750 x 2) to Yamaha (YZF1000R) and now to Triumph (2005 Speed Triple).

    Why? Cause I can...
  7. honda for life
  8. Italian bikes are "others", how rude! :arrow:

  9. I've had at least one of each from the 1st 4 options. I'm currently on my 2nd Kwacka.

    To answer your question; I ride it because I have the keys. :wink: :grin:
  10. Yes it is a little rude, but for the record I ride an "Other". It is my second "Other" and I wouldn't have it any other way :grin:
  11. I'm a honda girl, always have been, always will.

    My first trail bike was a honda - good fun & reliable. Got me hooked.
  12. ive only had 2 bikes :LOL:
    hyosung gt 250 comet
    and the gsxr 600 k4...
    i dont mind which bike i get as long as they are fast
    which they all are...
    oh and cost is a factor lol

    cause i make any bike look good :LOL:
  13. Ever since i was a kid i always wanted a little red Honda, now i have one and i dont think i could ride another brand. Ive even got a Honda mower! :LOL:
  14. Started with a Suzuki (GZ250) moved onto a Honda (Spada), then a Yamaha (SRX250), probably should've got a Kawasaki next but went with an Other instead (Hyosung GV650).

    Plan to move my way through as many brands as I can before I die/give up riding...
  15. brand loyalty is puuuurty stupid when you think about it. say your a honda rider only and suzuki brings out a bike that suits you MUCH better in all respects than anything honda have to offer, you've just missed out on the bike of your dreams because of a stupid badge :roll:

    i always look at the BIKE not the brand :wink:
  16. Anything, so long as it moooves (and I like it)...
  17. as soon as suzuki do that, then i'll consider buying one.
    When I was looking at my "big girl's bike" I looked at the following:

    Suzuki SV650
    Kwaka Z750
    Kwaka ER-6N
    Yamaha FZ6
    Honda Hornet 600

    Why did I choose the hornet? it was a) more comfortable for ME, b) I could get a second hand one at a good price and c) in comparisons with other bikes in various bike mags, it always came out on top.
  18. I've had-
    1976 Honda cb550k
    1978 Honda cb750f
    1981 Honda cb900f
    1989 Honda cbr600f
    1989 Honda cbr1000f (2)
    do ya see the patern?
  19. Kwakas are the most reliable from my experiance :grin: started honda 450 then another honda 450 then suzuki 750 suzuki 1000 honda 750 kawasaki z900 kawasaki zx9r.All ican say is my kwakas have always got me home and never left me stranded :grin: :grin:
  20. Started on the Hysoung and this will do untill end of restrictions.

    After that have narrowed down my choices to BMW K1200R or new F800ST depending on budget.

    I have always had a soft spot for BMWs my grandfather rode one and I love good design. They both seem to be good choices for the kind of riding I do and as I will not be upgrading for many years going to a smaller bike does not appeal.