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What brand do u prefer? (jap bikes)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by theflanker, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Honda

  2. Yamaha

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  3. Kawasaki

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  4. Suzuki

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  1. out of the big 4 jap brands, who here is brand loyal to one in particular...?

  2. Everybody click on Suzuki please - it will really plss off Vic :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Gees, I only clicked on Yamaha 'coz I'm thinking of getting a YZF600R....or maybe a Suzuki TL1000R....so many toys, so little time....

  4. I have a Honda at the moment, but I've owned Yamahas, Hondas and Kawasakis, never had a Suzuki.

    No preference, I would judge every bike on its merit, not its badge...
  5. In racing ive always supported yamaha... but i wouldnt let that affect my purchase. Although i do like see something im considering buying perform well on the track.

    Same as im a die hard ford fan regarding the v8s but my last two cars have been commodores. Bottom line, Ill always buy the product that suits me best at the time regardless of brand...

    Although for some reason i have stuck in my head that Kawasakis suck... Not for any reason mind you :LOL:
  6. Yeah i'd give anthing a go, but I am most skeptical of Yamaha.
  7. Horses for courses really . I dont go out to buy brand specific but what suits my needs and feels comfortable . In 19 years of riding , yamaha is the only brand i haven't owned . Not that i dislike them but they have had none that really suited me .
  8. My first and only Jap bike was a Honda XR75...
  9. Not particularly loyal to any one.

    Going to buy a Honda next.
    Like the Yamaha cruisers.
    Like the Kawasaki sports bikes.

    Not a particular fan of any of the Suzukis...that would change if they put the G-Strider out.
  10. I am currently leaning toward Kawasaki... they are not quite as common as the gixxers or the R1

    The new hondas are everywhere... I like my bikes to be at least... less common than the rest...

    Ive got a recent model ZX6R and I think its awesome, good styling, great riding position...
  11. I guess i like Gixxers the most (this week anyway)
  12. i like kawasaki because they had the best bike i could afford. yeah, its all about the bottom dollar :LOL:
  13. Well, the only Japanese bikes I have ever owned were both Suzukis, so..... (Sorry Vic)
  14. Currently banned :LOL: :LOL:
  15. My current bike has served me well so I definately have a high regard for Suzuki, although since my car was made by Yamaha I'd probably also consider them for a next bike.
  16. And how come there is no Lilac?
  17. I voted honda because I own one, but I'd also vote for Kawasaki if we could vote twice.
  18. Or for that matter Marusho
  19. I should have remembered them :roll:


    And the Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon


    And the Fuji Rabbit - they did a nice 250 scooter
    (Fuji are linked with Subaru)


    And the Meguro (OK it later became absorbed by Kawaski )

    That's proably enough for now - but the Bridgestone's still my favourite
    I knew someone that owned one back in the early 70's and it was a great bike... :LOL: