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what bits have fallen off your bike while riding along?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by kezza01, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. today, my gear lever decided, mid-ride to part company with the rest of my bike.....

    fortunately, someone riding with me noticed before it came off completely. and someone else had an occy strap to strap it up til i could get to somewhere where i could get the necessary parts.

    so, now i'm curious. what parts of your bike have fallen off while you've been riding along?
  2. I had a bolt that held the front brake caliper fall off and didn't know until the second one worked loose.

    Brakes started to "chatter" and all sorts of noise came out.

    I nearly sh1t myself when I thought what might have been.
  3. lower side fairing at $2.00 - and i didnt notice until i got home
  4. Well Ive fallen of a bike once does that count. :LOL: :roll:
  5. number plate + rego sticker, couple weeks ago
  6. I've lost my number plate.. was really pissed off, I only just got the personalised plate!

    And I've had the rider fall off my last bike. :oops: :?
  7. An exhaust fell of the Yamaha that we had..
  8. Had one of the bolts holding my side stand on go missing.
    I didn't realise until i found my bike leaning on a massive angle.. :shock:
  9. Muffler (well more scraped clean off on a corner than fell off)
    Rego Label holder
    Various bolts (especially on the singles)
    Indicators (held on by the wiring thankfully)
    Keys (fell out of ignition)
    Handlebar end weights

    Just a few out of my memory. Im sure there's more.

    It just comes with the territory for old motorbikes, and especially twins and singles. If you want the harmonious vibrations buy loctite :D
  10. My pillion .. :shock:

    No seriously this is something that can be fixed with preventative maintainance. This is topic is too scary for me.. :?
  11. Ummm Paul... i dont know what to say... lol :shock: :LOL:

    Whilst riding to work one day, my right sdie mirror decided to fly off :shock:
    It was the funniest thing to see... Lucky for me, an old man decided to rescue it from the road and it hand to me wheni stopped..
    It was bent from when i "placed" my bike down after sliding on some ice on my driveway when i first got my bike...
  12. ive lost a rego sticker, l's plate, seat cowl (which i went beack to get), and a glove and the old bolt or two, but hey these things happen. Ive doged a kitchen sink once too. but that was in the car.
  13. Suzuki GT750A. Going up the middle to Darwin when it was dirt. Late 70s.
    • Spring came off that held the centre stand. Tied it up with an occy.
    • Baffle fell out. Used a self tapping screw to hold it.
    • Chain had no adjustment left. Came off & smashed through the front cover.
    Bike got to Darwin on the back off a ute. :LOL:
  14. Oh dear, where do I start??

    The early (1970s) two-stroke Yamahas had terrible original bolts and screws, made out of soft-as-butter metal, so you couldn't tighten them up very much. Consequently, stuff fell off. Gearshift levers. Side covers. Chain guards. Name the part, it came off sometime or other.

    So I bought a four-stroke Yamaha 650. That was WORSE; not only did stuff fall off, but it had a high-frequency 'sizzle' vibration, and by the time I sold it, most of the metal parts had either fallen off at some stage, or cracked and had to be re-welded; the carry-rack was more weld than metal.

    But more recently, on the Hornet, to my huge surprise, I lost the large allen-headed bolt that holds the headlight to the front of the bike!!! And it cost $4.96 to replace it too!!!

    {Oh, and yes, I've lost the rider at some stage or other, off every bike I've ever owned :LOL:}.
  15. Exhaust, mirror, bolt in front mudguard (the other one stayed in and held it in place), placcy rego holder (lost those on every bike I've ever owned).
  16. a 2lt bottle of coke fell out of my jacket, does that count :p
  17. I lost a bar end weight somewhere between here and wollongong, for the most part i've only lost L and P plates, which I don't have to worry about now
  18. Yes it does! We have something in common. What are you doing this saturday night? :LOL: :p
  19. 1 x crash-knob on my Hornet. Bounced down the road at about 60. Unfortunately I couldn't find the metal spacer so I replaced it with about 10 metal washers :LOL:

    1 x Port Adelaide FC flag off the back of my Suzuki Bandit. It was holding up okay, all the way to West Lakes Boulevard. Unfortunately at that point it fell off and I assume some punk kid stole it. :cry:
  20. I lost the front left blinker cover on my GPX 250 not long ago

    When trying to replace it, the first place said I would need a whole blinker assembly :shock:

    The next place, the guy had a look, walked back into the shop came and put on the new blinker and charged me $6 :grin: