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what bikes can do for ya - Harley Add

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by NedKellyAUS, Dec 5, 2006.

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  2. Oh great, another harley wank.
  3. Aw, c'mon Fluffy. I was kind of amusing? Hmmm? :)
  4. WOW - it just a vid.
  5. Damn these work Surf Control restrictions - I'm sure it was 'great' though.
  6. You cant override them?
    Email me with the name of the "software" thats stopping you and ill send a few ideas your way
    (click the msn link down the bottom and send me and email using that - thats if ur interested :wink: )

    ohh and dw i wont send any "programs" etc
  7. That clip must of hit a raw nerve for you fluffboy, what happened? Care to elaborate? Did a Harley rider take your girl off you recently?
    Notice your sig is a sign of your ignorance, let me give you the tip, Harleys are not about horsepower, they are about torque.
  8. Nah, 's allright - I can wait until I get home - given what it is I'm in no rush to view it :) but will consider your offer as it 'controls' youtube, google vids, and a coupla other ones as well.
  9. I fail to see how a harley is a good bike in any respect at all, all people who ride them are wankers, they are way too heavy, they don't handle well and i don't really like the look of any of them.

    I know they build them for torque but thats cause the damn things weigh 300 kilos each!

    And the last thing we need is another video promoting harleys as anything other than utter shit.

    (no i never lost a girl to a harley rider, not to anyone for that matter.)
  10. Yeah, let's get some hero sportsbike vids up - none of those around :wink: :LOL:
  11. bloody funny vid.
    i enjoy it when clichés are turned on their heads.

    obviously you have never ridden a Harley-Davidson.

    :?: why is it that those who have the strongest opinions against them,
    are invariably the least qualified to talk about them?
    go figure!
  12. You know, I went on the Newcastle Toy Run on Sunday and saw quite a few of those Harley riding "wankers" and they were indulging in that very "wankerish" past time of donating toys, food and clothing to underpriviliged kids. A lot of them even chatted to sports bike riders and mixed in amiably. What a bunch of wankers eh?
  13. c'mon fluffy

    I am not a fan of harleys either
    I don't like them. I've just never liked cruisers. I can't tell you why - other than it must be in my blood (dad hates them too).

    But the ad was funny!!
    regardless really of what bike the ad was for, it was hillarious.

    can't you just watch it as a funny ad instead of going "oh it's a harley ad, must be wanky"????
  14. Ok ok i will add the qualifier, harley riders are wankers to other riders.

    They do alot of good stuff for charity rides and what have you but when not on said runs they slip back to wanker mode, where the mindset seems to be, oh you ride a bike that isn't a harley, you're a fag!

    I'm sorry but harleys are not that good and i can't find a single good thing about them, there are way way way better touring bikes out there,

    every other bike in the world handles better.

    The one and only exception is those drag ones that do the 200 meter dash over mud, they are crazy.
  15. The thing I would say about that ad is that it shows that HD clearly know why people buy their product, image pure and simple. Actually riding them is pretty low on the priority list of their typical client. I quite like some HD's, I have owned three in the past, and would buy a V Rod now as a 4th bike, but 75% of their riders are buying an image not a machine. That takes nothing away from the 25% who genuinely love and actually ride their bikes of course, all respect to them as fellow riders. It's the ones that buy decent bikes as ass jewelery that piss me off.
  16. If the shoe fits . . then wear it buddy :wink:

    Just exactly from where are you pulling these numbers out of Inci? No don’t drop your strides and bend over to show us where i think it’s from.
    What about the numbers for R1's & gixxers? Do these models attract image buyers? Or are there no posers in that lot? What about duke riders? The list can go on & on, just like the misconceptions that people like yourself perpetuate.
  17. I make no claim that the figures are authoratative. I made them up based on my own experience over 40 years of observation, several of them from the 'inside' of the HD 'cult'. I'm old enough to remember HD before they changed to a fashion house in the 80's, and have seen the change in the people who buy them.

    Of course they do! but the mere fact that you include two different brands in your question above shows the difference, it's much more about the bike. Even the worst Rossi wannabe will consider a different make at some time, but a hopeless HD victim will rarely, if ever, look beyond the end of their nose. Like I said, I am not saying my 75/25 split is scientifically accurate, but I believe I know what kind of girl they are, and am happy to argue about the price.
  18. And that would be when they started to become much more reliable once AMF was bought out and the EVO was born. Yeah buy a bike that has heaps of "character" - or something that was as reliable as everything else in the market - tough choice there :wink:

    Only shows that sheep can't decide on the same poser bike :roll: They only wear colour co-ordinated leathers so they can look down and see which bike they should be getting on - not much difference in sports bikes except the colours :wink:

    And how many stories have you heard of knee sliders being "roughed up" not by the track or road :p
  19. That is totally off the point. I have made no comment on the bikes themselves, just the way HD has marketed them since re-inventing them as the yuppie's ticket to a 'bad boy moment' every second weekend.

    Plenty, and not just 'stories'. but that doesn't change one iota of what I believe about HD's marketing and the buyers it is aimed at. The ad in this thread says it all, far more effectively and eloquently than I ever could. It is interesting that the ad is 50 seconds long, and the bike features for precisely 3 seconds.