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What bikes are these?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Hasher, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Found this rotting in a musuem overseas . Interested if anyone knows which bikes they are.

    Cheers Paul



  2. The one on the left looks a little like a BSA, no idea on the other one.

    Where overseas is it?
  3. need better photos. the older one has a pretty distinctive headlight so you might be lucky with that one, but the other one could be any number of british bikes from the late 40 or early 50s.
  4. I would tell you . . . But i have absolutely NO idea.
  5. Ide be pretty sure the one on the left is a BSA, and the other looking at that engine is an Ariel (circa 1927)
  6. See if the local RTA has any info based on the numberplates? Might be a long shot...
  7. So thats where I left it parked!!
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  9. Half of me wants to restore them and make them all shinny.
    The other half thinks they are just perfect as they are.
  10. Nah the headlight narcel suggests it's a much more cooking model. Besides it looks like a ridgy or plunger.
  11. Thanks for the help . Sorry the photos couldnt be better but the bikes where jammed under a staircase with a lot blocking them .

  12. I agree the bike on the left has a BSA air about it. If so, it's probably a B31, the bread and butter 350 single 'cos they're probably the most common BSA of the era aside from maybe the D1 Bantam. B33 (the 500) was visually identical but less common. Teles and a (I think) rigid frame would put it post WW2 but no later than very early 50s. A little later if I'm wrong and it's a plunger.

    Pity they weren't the other way round. Brit bike engines have always been more easily identified from their timing sides.
  13. I think your on the mark.. maybe a 1954 BSA M21
  14. With pic....

  15. the rta can spread its wings overseas?
  16. Nah, that's definitely an OHV cylinder head. An M33 (B33 engine in M21 frame) isn't completely impossible, although what appears to be a fully plated tank doesn't gel with what was very much a utility bike.
  17. I think the BSA is an early A7 500 twin.