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What bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BanditBoy, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. I am in an uneviable lucky position. I can buy a bike and money is not an issue (within limits). I can claim 40% of all costs (purchase: insurance; fuel) etc back on tax.

    So what bike should I buy?

    I currently own a CBR600 and have done for a year. It is my first bike (above a 250). So I don't want a mental machine; I don't feel ready for a mega fast bike. Something with more torque; but predictable and controllable for someone of my experience. And preferably something that doesn't depreciate like crazy - resale value always important.

    I was thinking :-
    - GSX750 (new 2008 model when they come out)
    - Triumph Daytona 675
    - don't know much about Cagiva's. They look hot. How do they ride?

  2. I would go with the Daytona or GSXR750. I've been looking at them for a while and they are both kickass bikes. They both will have noticably more torque than your CBR600 whilst still being light and flickable. It comes down to which bikes characteristics you prefer so test ride them both and see which one you enjoy more. I believe the 675 is quite a bit lighter than your CBR600 and the GSXR750 is only 3kgs heavier than the GSXR600 but with an extra 150cc.

    According to Cagiva's website they dont even make a sports stule motorcycle except the Mito which is 125cc.
  3. There's the Raptor. Although they've dropped the 1000cc version, and the v-raptor. Think the standard 650 is still available though - which is basically a more upmarket SV650 (but without the problems that a modified SV might have with claiming expenses).

    Edit: Of course the only real reason to buy a Cagiva are 1) It's different and 2) It's Italian. Otherwise go for the GSXR or the Triumph.
  4. Starts with a D, ends with a ucati... particulary the 848... in white... oooh la la...
  5. read this
    here is where you may find some answers ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.