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What bike would you ride around Australia?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Bugjuice88, May 29, 2009.

  1. Just like the title says, What bike would you ride around Australia?

    If you have done it, what bike was it? If you were to take on the challenge again what bike would you ride next time?

    Dunno if it would be practical but I reckon a Triumph America would be the go.

    edit: Oh yeah assume money isn't an issue!
  2. Postie bike. Cheap, easy to fix, won't go fast enough to get booked & you'll have plenty of people to talk to! :LOL: "You're doing what on a postie bike????"
  3. It's been done on a postie bike. I'd go the madass just to be a little different.

    maybe you could approach magelli They might be keen for the kudos.
  4. DR650, decent seat, safari tank, geared up for the highway. Enough to tank a tent and a bivvie bag.

    If not doing any offroad excursions, a Harley Road King.
  5. I reckon cape york on the postie would be pretty cool. I dunno how it would go on the creek crossings though. :LOL:
  6. Triumph Tiger 1050.
  7. You'd want a bike with a big tank and long range, GTR1400 would be the go
  8. pic8L.

    Been done already :grin:
  9. Phoar, forgot about them.

    The new model, in white, with the free panniers thanks Hornet.
  10. This isn't a subtle hint that I'm long overdue for a long ride, is it Hornet? :LOL:

    Mm, I think the giant mechanical cat could be a good choice, though the bike needs 95 octane to stay happy... May cause issues in remote remote parts?

    It really depends on the 'design brief' of how you want to ride around the country...

    For doing the kind of thing Davo does, covering crazy distances in consecutive days... Probably a fully-faired sports-tourer like the GTR1400 or FJR1300 or ST1300 or maybe something like an R1200GS would be good? Upright seating position, adjustable fairing/windshield, lots of wind protection and good luggage.

    For shits and giggles, a postiebike or madass... or a 250...?

    For offroad stuff... a 650cc dual-sport or maaaaaybe one of the heavier adventure-tourers?

    I'd be keen to tour the country on my Tiger though. Good all-rounder, particularly if there are twisty roads on the trip. :)
  11. id love to do it soon and any bike would do... the easy route is a big dualsport/adv bike dr650, 950adv ect

    but leaving tomorrow drz250 just for the challenge and i like those little bikes. but i would travel super light and take it as offroad as i could the whole way. decent tank (modded aftermarket xr400's fit) lightweight swag,toolkit,water,gps/maps and a change of jocks and off i'd go

    if your not doing offroad...your not seing all of australia
  12. If money was no issue then.. probably a busa, zx14 or bird.

    But money is an issue, so I'll be doing it on my blade.. probably with a few choice mods eg. bars raised a bit, sheepskin cover seat. Will need to pick up a ventura rack, tank bag and some soft panniers too (as will be camping sometimes).
  13. A busa with risers and bars.

    If money was no issue I would have no problem sitting at 150km/h all day long.
  14. I couldn't do it. Give me the motorhome and you lot all take bikes :D
  15. Having done few cross country long hauls, if money wasn't an object, one of these babies


    My 2 longest trips were on an old Yamaha XS1100- that sugged juice like a 2 buck crack ho and an FJ1200-which didnt fair helluva lot different.
    If I was doing around oz or another country and realistically budget was a consideration, would probably consider a DL650, as juice in middle of nowhere starts to become a real issue distance and $ wise on a budget. The capability of a dual purpose machine that can do few dirt tracks or beaches makes for a much better trip :grin:
  16. Yes you would.
  17. If it's just a 17000km lap done on the tar, then I'd be looking at a 1400GTR. Great range, shafty for ease of maintenance, good comfort and wind/rain protection. Pop a cruise-control on it and you can do 2000km in a day easily by just pointing it in the right direction a la Davo Jones.

    If it's a relaxed pace ride around the tar, then I'd be more than happy to put 20000km on the guzzi Breva. All the same benefits of the GTR, minus the fairing ;( . I've done a few 1400km days on it recently and the wind gets pretty fatiguing after the first 10hours. I can't bring myself to put a screen on a nekkid guzzi.

    If there's dirt involved, I couldn't go for anything other than a R1200GSA. I love the KTMs too, but don't think I could do 12hrs in one of their seats.
  18. I dunno. With a topbox the screen would even it out, might look okay?
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