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What bike would You choose?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by chum, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,
    I know this has probably been asked a lot but i shall ask again lol
    Looking to upgrade
    would like to spend $10000 max mabey stretch it to 11
    So bikes im looking at are the 05 style kawa zx-636( dont know much bout model but like look of it very much)
    suzuki gsxr 600 bout the 06 model( again dont know a whole lot bout these but they seem to be cheaper than the others)
    and the honda cbr600 07( which is pushing the budget a fair bit but from all reports a very good road bike that is most comfortable)
    love the triumph 675 but feels extreme and heavy on wrists sitting on it and also pushing budget fair bit. so prob rule that out.
    yamaha im not much a fan of so rule them out also.
    So just after any advice and comments you might have. any known issues or problems that I should know about?


  2. Take out insurance from that $11k and your left with about $9k for a bike at you age (in terms of upgrade).

    At that much the your streching the limits a bit for the bike your after.

    Also factor in registration costs and prehaps a $300 service when picking up a second hand unit.

    It adds up quickly!
  3. As the owner of two Yamahas

    I've got nothing to say......
  4. The ZX6R is a shit streetbike.

    Uncomfortable, peaky - no matter what the ads say. And it looks like anus.

    Pick again.
  5. :LOL: quaterwit - tell us how you really feel??? :p

    i'm with Transformer on this one. don't forget all the extras in getting a bike. insurance, rego, service, gear upgrade maybe... adds up quicker than you realise.

    with that in mind, start looking at earlier years. should still get great bikes for your money. And the 600cc Sport bike market is very competitive so all very decent bikes. as usual, ride all the ones you are interested in and start deciding from there.

    As the owner of a gsxr, i will of course lead you towards them, but i loved the cbr600 as well, they just seem to hold their price alot better, therefore i couldn't get the one i wanted. (must be for a reason right??? :p )
    definietely check out the R6. when sitting staionary on one i found them to feel very small for a 600. Everyone i spoke to at the time said they are very fun and flickable. i personally stayed away for that reason. didn't want false confidence in my abilities.
    Zx6r i found to be horrible to ride body position wise. but i also tried to ride one early on in my riding, i.e. not really knowing how to sit on a sportsbike properly.

    any who, good luck on finding the right bike. and have fun riding all the ones that you are considering :)
  6. ya reckon? the 600 has got more tourqe and midrange than all the 600's and a fraction more up top

    looks are personal. i like the 05/06 636's
  7. Yeah, it does. But that's like saying I have a bigger willy than a midget. It's still useless though.

    And yeah, looks are personal. Personally, I think it looks like anus. And you know I'm always right about everything, except everything else.
  8. i'd choose the bike i liked the most based on a test ride
  9. I would choose a ZRX1200. But that doesn't help you at all :p

    Good luck!
  10. You haven't given any information as to what riding you want to do or your experience, although at 21 I'm tipping it is 2/5ths of SFA.

    First step for you is identify what you want riding you want to do. No good getting a great long distance tourer if you want to go play on fire trails.

    For your own curiosity, go make some calls with insurance companies about insurance on the bikes you listed above. Use values from bikepoint etc as a guide when they ask for the value. Make sure you are sitting down at the time.

    Finally test ride as many bikes as you can to find the right fit for you.
  11. Cheers for the tips and advice,
    08 zx's for 11g plus onroads is very impressive, will look into that.
    and Yeah have accepted that insurance at my age will break my balls haha. thats life tho. also insurance is not included in my $10000. thats for bike and a service and rego if it needs it.
    interesting that thers a bit of negative feedbak towards 636
    would still like to hear from any suzi owners of the model range im looking at?

    Cheers again. all helps in getting closer to a decision
  12. Yeah I'd save up the extra imo. 11k + DD/ORC is an awesome deal for a brand new ZX6R. Most used bikes look extremely overpriced in comparison.
  13. That's because by all accounts the 09 model is vastly improved and dealers know that once the new models start coming in, they won't be able to move the old ones.
    Having said that, there's always something better or at least newer waiting around the corner - if that bike suits you then what the heck, get it and enjoy it...

    PS. But at 11,000+orc you're 'stretching' your original budget by 25% at least so it's more like a new budget really :)
  14. What you need is an 05-06 zx6r (636cc) in matte blue :D
  15. :WStupid: