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What Bike? What Engine Size? What Engine Type?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by robbie55, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. I've just got my unrestricted licence. :grin: :grin: :shock: I've been riding a Vespa GT200 for the past 12months and would now like to have a go on Bike.

    I'm liking the CBR 600, except for the lack of storage (prob the same with any bike). I've also been told that an in line 4 and a V-twin drive very differently and that a V-twin may be better for a novice (to gears).

    I mostly travel to work but would like to do some day/weekend trips as well. Weigh 80kg and 175cm tall.

    No more than $10k available to spend. And the bike I buy is the bike I'll essentially be learning on (private lessons) so, although understandable, responses of "try a few bikes out" are unlikely to benefit unless your willing to let me ride your bike/s for lessons :)
  2. Coming from a 200cc scooter any 600 is going to have torque to burn, twin Vs I4 gives you more down low torque and so you can roll on from any revs. Coming from a scooter you won’t be used to searching for gears so this may work to your advantage. There is bugger all storage on any sports bike. The obvious question is what do you want to do with it? Commute? Tour? Do twisties and track days? Sit down at a café with mates and look good? The answer to this question will probably lead to suggestions of what you could/would/should go for.
    At the end of the day, no matter what we say hear, test rides will tell you much more than words, so get a leg over and buy the bike that gives you wood.
  3. Get the aprilia Mana 850cc

    its Auto, and tiptronic manual and has a storage areas you have on scooters

    If you want a bike , forget the fact you got a full licence, rather pretend your on your motorbike L's without the plate

    get a LAMS bike, learn on that first, you might even like it and keep it, your light and short so even a 250 would suit you good
  4. Robbie, I was in a similar situation to you, getting back in to biking after a rest from them, I went for the BMW F650 gs, they are LAM's but I got it for it simplicity, single cylinder with plenty of go, for me anyway. Comes with paniers for gear & mine has a ventura rack & bag. Not in your price range if looking for new but there are plenty of use models out there.
  5. Just as a warning, the new 2008 BMW F650GS is actually a de-tuned 800cc motor from the F800GS because BMW has decided it would like to confuse the heck out of everyone. 2007 and earlier is the LAMS-okay 650cc thumper.

    This is of course irrelevant to the OP, as they're now unrestricted, but I point it out for the sake of others. :)
  6. Don't worry about vtwin or inline 4, they both have advantages to learners so cancel each other out; vtwins have power from low down so if you stuff up gear changse it doesn't matter, inline 4s are linear unless you're thrasing it so can be more predictable.
  7. I'd say spend $6-7000 on a really nice 2nd hand Hornet 600, incredibly easy to ride, reliable, fun, comfy, and it can be fast and crazy if you really give it some stick.

    Others to check out: SV650, ER-6N, CBR600F, Z750, and of course the venerable Hornet 900.
  8. Personally I would stay away from the CBR coming off a scooter.

    Check out the bikes Loz mentioned as well as the new Honda CB400 and the Suzuki GS500/F.
  9. If you've never ridden a bike with a clutch and manual gear selection I think you would be best to get a 250 or other small bike. You don't need to keep if for long just to get used to the different skills required. Going from a Vespa to a CBR600 is a fairly big jump. Go for it if you want but I think you would be a much better rider if you learnt on a 250 first.

    Try a GPX250/ZZR250 just so you get used to it then when you've got some confidence go for the CBR600. :grin:
  10. I recommend the Honda CBR600F instead of the CBR600RR.

    It's often regarded as one of the best bikes to upgrade to, just check out its reviews in this forum. You wont be dissapointed if you choose this bike - many out there for under 10 grand.
  11. +1 :)
  12. If you want to commute with a bit of touring, would you consider an adventure tourer type bike? 650 V-Strom also has anti lock brake option which I think is highly desirable for the all weather commute.
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions.

    I took the Mana 850 for a test ride on Saturday and loved it. I suppose its easy for me to be impressed because the auto option made it the only one I was comfortable taking out of the yard. I might be able to be more objective if I took out a couple of the others mentioned.

    Just on the Mana though, as said, I was happy and would have bought one then and there if it wasn't for the high price. I went to another dealer the next day and some purists I suppose couldn't stop laughing at a bike with an auto option.

    Is this the general consensus? If so how long do you think I'll have to wait before they start reducing the price to get rid of them?
  14. Dont worry about people laughing, they are old school.
    The Mana has manual option when you feel more comfortable, the auto is great in traffic. Aprillia are the first of the new generation auto bikes, china has a cheap one called aquin v3, but dosnt look as good as the mana, also honda are comming out with one called the honda dn1 but will cost more than the mana. The point is do you like the bike, who cares what people think, id rather own a bike that i love and feel good with and everyone else hates it, at least they will not be a target for theft.

    If you want a sports bike look at the Suzuki gsxr600, it has a gear indicator on the dash, so at least you know what gear your in comming from auto bikes, its easier. My first bike gsx250 had a gear indicator on the dash, and i got so used to it when i got my new bike i kept getting lost in the gears, would be good if all bikes had one. If you want a tourer get a BMW k75s or k100rs there from the late 80's but look good and are reliable and also have gear indicators. You can also look at the Yamaha FJ1300 with auto clutch, just need to change gears without clutch, but hey its a huge bike.

    good luck
  15. Thanks Tomcatalex.

    I'm not so worried about them laughing, I'm coming off a scoot after all. But I agree with you about being able to change between auto/manual. I think thats why scooters are so popular around town. I would never buy a manual car when my most driving is around town.

    I'm actually hoping it will be quite unpopular in the market, the more people that laugh the better. Just really keen to find out how long the market has to stay away from a bike before the distributors/dealers start cutting there prices and then by how much?