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What bike? too many opinions to choose!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by tonee, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Gday,

    Im already feeling bad as im typing posting this post as its very similar to others.

    I am 178cm tall weighing 95kg(will lose some soon hehe). I was only attending to ride on the weekends with mate but possible chances to ride a couple of days to uni.
    Initial it was the CBR250RR i wanted but after reading forums and opinions i am now confused. People say:

    -CBR's are uncomfortable to ride after 30mins(but they're hot!)
    -CBR parts are very cheap and have a reliable, lasting engine.
    -CBR's are fast!
    -Get a new bike for the peace of mind rather a problem making 15-20yr old bike
    -Get an old bike because you're likely to drop it
    -Get a comfortable bike!(but they're ugly)
    -get a bandit, hornet, ect...(i like the middle and back but the fronts missing the sporty covers)

    I really want a sporty look and power, yet i dont want to give up comfort and big $$$.

    The reason i want a bike is because of the high petrol prices, free parking, zip through the jammed traffic and they're fun!

    Its between CBR250RR, gpx250 or zzr250(i think they're the same?) and gsx250 Across. Unless you guys have better suggestions?

    Ps: looking for the cheapest bike possible, max $4000(i know its a very low budget but possible!).

  2. I doubt you really need a forum to tell you which bike to get. You obviously have a good idea already. It seems you like plastic bikes so you've sorted that already.

    Also I'm assuming you only want it for the time you spend on restrictions? If so then you're on the right track with the bikes you've suggested. I have a thing against CBR250RRs for two reasons. One you pay a heck of a premium for them just because they are called a CBR250RR (imo what a waste of money), and two you see a lot of tools with L plates on CBR250RR who squid around overtaking cars on double lines thinking they are king poop. (CBR owners flame me if you like, but I see these CBR L plater tools all the time so there!).

    The gpx, zzr and gsx250f are all good options and they are exactly what I had my eye on. Beware though if you're out to save money, the gsx's are generally a bit more expensive. And if you don't already know, a zzr is just a better looking more expensive gpx.

    I ended up getting my bike for 2600 and my gear for 800 so 3400 all up which fits your budget. I'm sure you could do this with the zzr and gsx too.

    If you think the CBR250RR is more your thing, then look at the ZXR250 and FZR250 as well. Similar things. They really aren't as fast as people seem to think they are though.

    I think that list is pretty comprehensive if you want a faired bike. If you are willing to get naked then that opens up a bunch more options :)
  3. this answer will also be similar to others, test ride mate, see what you like, looking at your height and weight id say the zzr250 but good luck finding them
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  5. If you want a 250cc, you've got choice of either an inline four or a twin.

    twins are the most common. They are in the gpx, zzr, vtr, ninja250r. They all produce ~28-32hp and are a cheap and popular learners choice. You can generally find a five year old kawasaki for $3-5k.

    inline fours are generally no longer manufactured in 250cc form. They are commonly seen in the CBR250RR, CBR250R, ZXR250, FZR250, Across and the naked versions of those bikes (Hornet, Bandit). They commonly produce either 40 or 45hp. Most are grey-market imports. They are very popular for 250cc class racing. Seeing as they are no longer produced, they tend to be somewhat more expensive. Surprisingly they are the most common learner bike I see around uni.

    And of course, then there's LAMS.

    Isn't choice great?
  6. i went through the LAMS list, they seem to be cruisers or tourers rather sports. Unless im looking at the wrong ones...:S which one are the sports? and cheap!

    btw whats the difference between gpx 250, gpx 250r gpx 250(ex250f)?
    thats what they got on bikesales and they look similar to me...
  7. Things like the cb400, suzuki gsxf650 and sv650, the hyosung 650 (Though i dont like that brand) ... i'm sure theres others on there.

    Sports and cheap is not going to go together often.
  8. looks like the higher the cc, the higher the price gets!

    are the kawasaki 250s quick as honda 250s?

    which 250 is the quickest?
  9. That's the general idea. ;)

    Quickest to slowest.

    Inline4s - Honda CBR250RR / Kawasaki ZXR250 / Yamaha FZR250 / Suzuki GSX250, Honda CBR250R
    Parallel Twins - Kawasaki GPX 250, Kawasaki ZZR250
    V-Twins - Honda VTR250
    Singles - Honda CBF250

    Inline4s will be marginally faster on the road and noticeably faster on the track. However, someone on a parallel twin who knows what they are doing will be able to easily outrun someone on an Inline4 who merely thinks they know what they are doing.

    If fuel efficiency is an issue for you, get a parallel twin. If you plan on doing your own maintenance, save yourself some trouble and get a parallel twin. If you want a highly reliable bike, get a parallel twin. Yes I'm biased! If you want ultimate L-plater wank factor, get an Inline4.

    Probably all the same. The GPX250 (in the U.S. called the GPZ250, Kawasaki internal designation is EX250) has remained virtually the same from 1988 to 2007. From 2008 onwards there was a significant fairing update, but the engine remains for the most part the same.

    A ZZR250 is a 1988 to 2007 GPX250 with a few modifications basically making it more fit for light touring. It has a larger fairing, marginally larger wheels, but an identical engine and gearbox.

    At the end of the day, my advice is to buy a second hand bike in good condition that you feel comfortable riding. And make sure you save $700 to $1000 for gear. Good luck!
  10. The Kawasaki ZRX250 is quicker (and many people think handles better) than the CBR250RR.

    The fastest 250 is the Aprillia RS250.

    The second fastest 250 is the Suzuki RGV250.

    Every other road registerable 250 is at least a lap behind in an 8 lap sprint.
  11. But these are not allowed under LAMS. They also have the same engine so I'd be surprised if one was quicker than the other.
  12. Forget fast. Its a 250; none of them are fast :p Get a bike that you can live with for a year (or however long it is down there), and save your money for the next bike.

    My $0.02, being in a similiar position.
  13. sweet, thanks guys! looks like it'll be the zzr250 or gpx250 that ill be looking out for now instead of the whole 250 range.

    Though my mates can laugh at me because their cbr's are better looking, but i can laugh at their back pains at the end of the nights :LOL:
  14. Mate, seriously, you're about the same dimensions as me, a 250 will not be fun for long. When I get on the missus ZZ-R250 now it's bloody funny!

    Do yourself a favour & check out the LAMS list extensively, there are heaps of good reliable fastish cheap bikes on there.

    Find a bike model on there you've never heard of & stick it into google, check it out. A lot are singles & cruisers, but there's heaps of good options on there too.

    Yamaha SZR660, Honda CX-500, Ducati Monster 620 lite, even the 250 Hyosungs could be a good option given their size... These are just a few examples that I know, the rest of the model mean nothing to me, so do some searching.

    & don't fret it, the right bike will come along :grin:
  15. Gotta throw my opinion into the ring..

    I love my ZZR.. However after 10 months(ish) of riding it around it is starting to feel small and I *wish* I had a bit more ooomph at the lights! If I can persuade the minister of finance I'll be upgrading very soon..

    I will say however that it has run beautifully, completely without fault since I got it and with mine having an aftermarket exhaust (unknown brand) on it, it sounds AWESOME too. Theres no doubt I will miss this bike when I do step up to something bigger. Its been an awesome bike to learn on and hone my skills.

    I bought it for $3500 - but given its condition and looking at others on the market today (15,000k on clock) I'd say I could sell it for may be $4500! - Pretty decent depreciation curve that!! :grin:
  16. I feel obligated to point out the Suzuki GS500 :)

    Love mine to death and it sounds a ton better than most 250's.
  17. I wouldn't worry about the size of the gpx or zzr. I'm 180cm and 80kg so a similar build to the OP and I don't have any problem with it's size. In fact, so far it's been a good thing. I had trouble parking in a tight spot between bikes the other day I got off and dragged the back of the bike to where is was supposed to be.

    On my gpx I've done 6 hours worth of twisties a couple of times and had no complaints about size or comfort. On my way back from canberra once though I had to sit on the federal hwy/hume hwy for three hours (as you do) and I was sore. Sore bum, sore back. I had to have a couple of 5min breaks on the way home. Pretty sure I would've had the same problem on a sporty 600 though.

    On a side note the GS500 would be a great option, but a little beyond your budget.
  18. tonee wrote:
    In regards to ergo. It depends on the individual person. Some people find the cbr250rr quite comfortable other don't. It also depends on riding style and learning to tensing muscles to ease the pressure of a forward/sports biased riding position.

    Personally i think for what you are looking for you would "love" the cbr250rr more because it sounds like what you want. Plus your weekend riding consists of hitting the twisties the cbr250rr, would be a bit more capable (although the rider is the biggest factor).

    But with a budget of $4k. I think your right in going down the zzr250/gpx250 track.

    Also if like me you own a car and, bike, don't think you will save huge amounts of money due to savings on petrol. Bike ownership is NOT cheap. Tires and servicing are costly and are required to be replaced/done more often. (suggest you do the minor servicing yourself it is a snap). Having said that bike ownership, although it isn't cheap, it is worth it.
  19. Motard?

    In this price range (<$4000),

    Forget the looks, a well ridden drz400 will have no problems staying in front of a cbr250, and has tonnes more torque everywhere in it's rev range vs a inline 4 250. Or perhaps consider an import cb400.

    Do you want to look fast?, or actually be fast (well faster).....

    CBR250s in good condition (it's sad to say, but a $4000 cbr could still be in poor nick :shock: ) are a good thing but unless you a riding the tits off them they actually feel slower than some other cylinder challenged 250s, ie under 10000rpm :LOL: .

    It's worth noting, insurance will be expensive for a cbr too......
  20. Well ive been through a few Learner bikes, so heres my 2c

    Ive Owned a Hyo GT250r, Suzuki bandit (gsf250), Honda Spada and now have an XR250r. Have also ridden GPX.

    1st things first, theres no point kidding yourself, all of there faired bikes look like they came out of the 80s, cos they did, they all look very dated (except the hyo). Also, no ones gonna be ogling your bike, anyone who knows bikes will instantly know its a 250 and ur a learner, nothing to be envious about there, and everyone else will just realise this when u scream past them at walking pace doing 14,000rpm and see a big yellow L plate on the back.

    Point is, its not going to impress anyone.

    2nd The inline 4s have no torque below 10,000. While this might not be a problem in the twisties for a somewhat experianced rider... its no fun for a learner. >8,000rpm launched from the lights to get u anywhere at speed.

    3rd. They are all 250s, they arent fast, no ifs and but about it. Anything 'sportier' then a falcadore will beat u

    Now about the bikes i owned.

    Hyo was ok for a noob. But its awfully slow (slower than all above) and is bloody heavy, BUT its a big bike (600 size) so it will get u used to a bigger bikes weight etc.

    Bandit is a smaller bike, a bit bigger and more comfortable seating postition than a cbr, has simmilar (some models more) power than a cbr. Lack or torque takes a bit to get used to, but i bought it over a yr after getting my Ls and i loved it. Though my mate who just got his Ls felt it was slow and hated it (Compared to his xr). U can spruce up a naked bike by getting rid of the grandpa spec headlight and putting in twin 'streetfighter' style ones. Shameless plug, im selling some. [​IMG]

    Spada FELT the quickest by far, at least for a learner. Its the smalllest but also the lightest, very easy to manouver and has decent torque to get u off the line quickly. The spada would get the bandit at a traffic light GP, atleast until the bandit would hit 10k rpm, Unless u do a 10k rpm launch, though its not the easiest thing for a noob.

    Finally the XR250R. This is by far the ugliest. It lacks top end but i have problems keeping the front wheel ont the ground sometimes. But im sure u wouls even consider one.

    In conclusion, Twin if you have very little to no riding experiance, it will make learning more fun. I4 will be the quickest once u gain experiance. Dont buy a bike just because it "looks' Good.[/img]