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What bike to use for MOST?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by TassieRider, May 19, 2009.

  1. Hi there,

    Just wondering what bikes people used for their MOST? I have an across but I think it will probably be easier to do the test on the schools bikes (I'm in Tas, they have those little 125 scorpio things and some yamaha XT 125 trailbikes I think). I can do a full lock U-Turn 4 out of 5 times on the across, but even then it has a pretty wide turning circle! Being that I've never really ridden anything but the across, I have no idea whether one of their bikes will be better for the test. I would imagine they would be lighter and more manouverable which should help? Then I suppose I have to weigh up any advantages against the fact that I'm not used to riding their bikes! If you recommend their bikes, would you go with the scorpio or the XT?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance...
  2. Practice on the across, then do the test on the across.

    No more thought required.
  3. I failed my first go at MOST on their CB250 but passed 2nd go on my own XVS650 cruiser. Guess which one I had more practise on and was more comfortable with - thats usually the best bike to do MOST on.
  4. Hi TassieRider - when and where are you doing your MOST test ?

    I am doing mine in Penguin on Sunday 31st May - I am going to use the 225 Scorpio as it is similar to mine.

    Good Luck.
  5. Hey mate, I'm in Hobart.

    I'm still a couple of months away from going for my test unfortunately...

    Good luck with yours!!!
  6. I did mine on my GV250 in Sydney recently. But every other person in my group did theirs on the hire CB250. I passed but half of the CB250 riders didn't.
  7. I did mine on my GS500, tank of a bike. You shouldn't have any problems with doing a U-turn on an across.
  8. well it all depends. if you feel confident enough to do it on your own bike and have practiced enough then go for it!

    i just did my MOST yesterday and passed on their bikes CB250. It was a real pos, compared to my CBR250. Gear shift linkage had too much freeplay in it, throttle grips were worn out, seat was falling apart and the bike would stuggle to idle.
  9. We had everyone in my MOST test yesterday pass on hire bikes minus one guy on a cbr (he passed too, having to learn how to u-turn in about 10 mins.)

    You get tons of time to practice with the hire bike, just adapt if you're unsure that your own bike can do it, the only part I can see a faired bike having a slight "problem" with would be the u-turn. But consider you do have a 6m box to do it in.

    If you can do it in 2 car spaces, you will pass easily.
    Take the coneweave slow wide with fast initial turns.
    Braking and swerving tests is a piece of cake.
  10. if u want to be cheeky, take 1 of these

    if u want to be a hero of your class, take 1 of these

    and if you want a root (hopefully theres girls in the class :shock: ) take 1 of these
  11. ummm goz.............. there will be definately ONE girl on the course.........

    and she will be TRAINER :p

    So I don't think your theory will work :LOL:
  12. wow, can you really do the test on one of those?
  13. Im pretty sure they are not registrable for road use so I seriously doubt you could do your test on one. Would be a laugh to rock up though, I wonder if they count as an auto or a manual, arent they just 1 gear??
  14. i was wondering whether i should do it on my zxr also. which has the same turning radius (2.9m) and i can do it 2/5 times. lol. i'll just practice a lot more before i book my test.

    oh and i hear the testers in burnie are way more lenient than the ones in hobart, so i may go there to do mine. >_<
  15. n2o_spark...........curious that you have "heard" that the trainers at Penguin are more lenient than the ones in Hobart, as we all test the same skills :) I do know for a fact that out the four trainers at Penguin, all four have been training for a combined total of 60 to 70 years so there is a lot of experience that is being given to you students.
    The other reason is that up here on the NW coast, a high % of students can already ride ie, farm experience, TERC racing or just general off road riding in someone's paddock, where as in Hobart is is tha other way around......a high % of students have not the same or any experience before going to training. The other week in Hobart on a "L"s course out of 5 students.....3 failed!!!!! the last time I have failed a student doing their "L"s was about 5 courses ago.
    You also must remember to that we don't fail student's doing their "P"s course........ YOU........... fail yourselves by acummulating too many points on the skills test :wink:
    We just impart the knowledge & add up the points at the end of day :cool:
  16. i'm in tas and did the most test for p's about 4 months ago...

    Incindently i also have an across, SERIOUSLY use their bikes, my course was in Hobart and they had the scorpio's or yzf250.

    it will feel weird on a different bike, but these yzf250's, you can not fail with them.. Their is a uturn which i practiced on even walking the bike and the across Barely fits, seriously full turn barely fits, about 2 feet to spare. The yzf's have a turn radius of about 2m, theres also the cone weave, tight on the across, impossibly easy on the yzf's.

    its worth the extra $50 to any future people doing the test
  17. yeah, i thought this was odd. i was told similar reasoning as to why Hobart has a higher failure rate. The instructor was quoted as saying, a lot of asains fail. To which i laughed very hard upon hearing this, cause i'm asian too. >_< .
    What i was told that testers were more likely to over look point accumulation for a skid, or not quite stopping in the box.
    i was also told that one instructor thought that it was acceptable to travel up the middle of the cone weave, however upon reading M.O.S.T it does say specifically that you mush travel to the left of the first cone, and right of the next :S

    anyhow, i know i'm not ready to do the test on my bike yet, u-turn is the only thing i'm not confident about, and that is critical to the test. The bikes they had at testing were really easy to ride, and i'd never ridden before i went for my L's. I think i'd be able to pass right now of one of their bikes, i just need to book it :D

    i mean really though, how hard can it be?
  18. Thanks to an awsome TRAINER ( thanks luvmyzed - glad I got you all 3 times through Intro, L's and P's - I will try to remember to breathe LOL ) it is not that hard - the pressure is on yourself - get experience and confidence on your bike. Practice the weave with tennis balls - I found the hardest thing was that I was so used to my bike, that it took a bit of getting used to the different throttle on the Scorpio - but was all good - Had a blast

    As for the U-turns, we were shown an easy way today - instead of going deep in ( ie: straight in then trying to u-turn ) we were taught that it is acceptable to come in on an angle and do a nice easy turn ( an arc ) in the box and as long as front and rear wheel enter box its OK ( as long as you stay within lines ) - I had practiced going in deep then shifting body weight then U-turning ( as per google vids ) but this new way was much easier - it basically makes the U-turn an easy corner ( same as on the 90 degree turn ).

    A guy passed on his V-star today ( was impressive to watch ), so you should have no problem.

    Good luck !
  19. Aw....gee thanks MisfitPL9, it was my pleasure to have 6 attentive guys to "boss" around :p

    Just remember on the Uturns, that little "trick" is handy just for the skills test, keep practicing your "deep" turns & using your weight shift to bring the bike around in normal road situations.

    Yep it was certainly cool watching the 650 VStar get aroung the skills test, that was our fourth in as many weeks doing the "P"s course & only dropping one or two points :grin:

    Once again.......WELL DONE! And ride safe :wink: