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What bike to upgrade to from Ninja 250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Vicenza, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. I'm looking at something to upgrade to, i've been riding for over a year now and i'm on restrictions for 2 or so years, I am wanting to upgrade to something I can bare to be on for 2 years because the ninja is just so painful now.. I go to the mountains and twisties with all my mates and I sit up the arse of an R1 and then we get to a straight and he's gone, I climb my way back up and by the time i've done that another straight comes up. I'm ready to move on from this bike, I use the motorcycle every day, rain, hail, shine and commute on it to and from work. I also love twisties and i'm looking for something sporty. I will be upgrading after my LAMS to an R1 or Panigale, but for now I cannot stand being on this 250 any longer, suggestions? I heard the Yamaha FZ6R was pretty good, looked sporty and the restrictor can be taken out and it's quite R6-ish?

    Would appreciate any advice, thanks!
  2. There's plenty of options in the 600-650 range that will do what you want. In that class even though they're still LAMS bikes they have a healthy mid-range that will get you around quite comfortably without the thrashing you can get with 250s. The Er6 or 650 Versys Kwakka, or the 650 Gladius Suzuki would be fine. Take your time and find one that suits your body and how you want to ride.
  3. Triumph Street Triple 660

    Mind you it doesn't have fairings.
  4. Sounds like your mates are straight line heroes so nothing LAMs is gonna help you :p
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  5. So, how long to go before your off restrictions ?

    Jumping from 1 lams bike to another when you only have a short time left on restrictions may be a waste of money....money that could be better spent on a more serious upgrade, rather than just a stepping stone.

    BTW.....nothing exceeds like excess......2016 ZX10R or BMW1000RR or R1-M would be my first choices with a bountiful un-constrained budget....I also expect this is where finding the best range of add on fruit will be found.
    Besides, the latte set have never really done it for me, too temperamental a mistress.
  6. He's got two more years on restrictions. First line of his post.
  7. If you are into mountain roads go to Ninja 300 or Yamaha r3.
    I upgraded from a 250 to a 300 and it was a great all rounder for not much extra outlay.
    Go do a track day and you will see what an R1 can do.
    Then I am sure you will enjoy your Ninja more :)
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  8. VicenzaVicenza I hear you! My love affair with the ninj soured after about 6-7 months.
    I had the ninj 300 great little bike but found any distance group rides with or without twistys pretty hard going. I did 16000 kays on mine so I think I can legitimately comment.
    Luckily I only had restrictions for 15 months (Ls plus Ps) and went for broke straight to a Z1000. I couldn't go back now. Ever.
    But if I had to endure another few years on restrictions I think I would have gone a LAMS ninj 650 or the LAMS Street triple...
  9. Sporty looks, handling or body position?

    First the FZ6R is pretty much nothing like the R6. It is made by Yamaha and is an inline 4 600cc but that's about where the similarities end. That said it is a great bike and may suit you perfectly.

    The Sv650 is just about the only one with a sporty body position from the factory. Well there's the Hyosung too but no one wants to subject you to that. The others are quite upright without modifications.

    There is the GSX650F but they are quite large and heavy for what they are so never interested me but your mileage may vary.

    I had an Er6n LAMS. It was ok but I found it a little small for my height I'm 6'2". The er6/Ninja 650 are easily deristricted too if that's your thing. Might interest you in keeping up with the R1 :p
  10. It sounds like your mate on the R1 could have done with some more time on 250, unless he is just taking it easy...

    Anyway, think about what you want from your Lams bike. Do you want to ride it as is, or buy something that is easy to remove the restricitions (something that is obviously illegal).

    If it's the first answer, the Yamaha MT-07 has more than enough poke. If it's the second answer I think the Er6 is the one to get?

    Both are naked, so if you are after a fully faired bike, I think you may want an Honda RVF 400 (the VFR400 is not on the LAMS list) it's hard to find a good example and you pay a premium for it. It's not really an everyday bike, but then, it's no worse than an R1 I guess.
  11. I'd be a tad embarrassed on a R1 with 250 ninja up my jacksy
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  12. If I was the OP, it would actually be a reason to keep the 250, just keep humiliating the guy.
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