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What bike to move on to?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by YammyBase, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. Im 31.

    Had number of bikes from 3 scooters, 2 cruisers, 2 supersports, 3 streetfighters,,, ranging from 50 to 1000 cc.
    Just sold on my FZ1N and contemplating between these two bikes.

    Unfortunately I can't afford both and need to make a decision between these two.
    I'm pretty happy to adapt to the riding style to whichever one I get.

    Just in terms of cool factor.. which ones more cool ?
  2. 1.

    I've gone from loving the Streetfighter at first sight to thinking it's trying too hard. All the fussy details and proportions and contrived aggression, it's all very ... Japanese. Not my favourite of the recent Ducs.
  3. 2
    It looks cool

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  4. 2
    It has the appearance of a red, adrenaline pumped, charging bull.
  5. scoreboards even at 2-2
    hmmm.. depends what kind of 'cool' you're after
    1 - is a slick and relaxed type cool
    where as 2 - is the more aggressive badass
    I would vote 2 at this point probably because I crave speed, but If I were a little older I'd definitetly go 1
    I'm 28 now and I wouldn't imagine getting a cruiser til say 50-60 - n
  6. Hi,

    If you are 'cool' then whatever you ride is cool, no matter what anyone else thinks. You need to have, ' presence '. It's a state of mind.

    Personally, bikes-wise, I can't see why No.2 doesn't have it all over No.1 as regards handling, all round performance and particularly stopping power. Just look at the front rotors. ( Nothing looks cool spread across the highway does it ? ).

    Stay safe, believe in and enjoy, which-ever you choose and ignore the likelihood that in all probability someone, sometime, somewhere, is going to knock whatever you've got.

    Doug E. Boy. ( Suzuki GSX-R K6 1000 )
  7. 2

    But if you were cool you wouldnt care what I think.
  8. Hi 31, I'm Phil.

    I think you are cool. But I think you are cooler on number 2.
  9. the bikes are a mile apart and you might not look COOL on any one of them and if you only want a bike to look cool on then you might be better of on a Icebike.
    if you do not know what makes you cool how can we ?
    go for bike 3 the one you did not put up.
  10. I have a SF848 and I'm yet to find a bike that I'd prefer to own.

    When I was looking to buy I rode a bunch of bike and I found the SF to be the one that ticked the most boxes for me, the riding position is comfortable enough to do 400km in a day (and I have a bad back) but still enough to get over the front wheel when you want to ride hard and I've had a hoot around phillip island on it

    The engine is a good all rounder as well, plenty of torgue (particularly if you get a decent pipe) but it doesn't have the top end rush of a supersport.

    Looks are pretty subjective and I must admit that I wasn't a massive fan to start with but I love the nose down arse up look now, putting a rear cowl on instead of the pillion seat does wonders as does getting rid of those massive stock pipes.
  11. 2.

    How long til Justus tells you off for something this time :p
  12. Lots of 2's...I'm gonna say 1
  13. Yeah I agree, go for no. 1
  14. Only the dry clutch ducs are cool.

    So 1
  15. VC is going for 1, so I reckon the cool choice would be 2. Yeah, definitely 2 is cooler.
  16. You have a gt1000.....
  17. 1 is laid back cool!