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What Bike to Buy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ilikebundy, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. Hi ALL
    I haven't riden since about 1990 and back then it was a CB1100F?
    I am taking up riding again and got to say am a bit scared about the whole deal.
    I have been looking at a '98CBR1000F and a '01 Blackbird?
    WHat do you think would be the better bike?
    I am 40+ and have downed many bundies at home of course so the waist is a tad showing.
    Any advice much appreciated. :?:

  2. After a long time not riding, you could probably brush up a little on your skills. I find that the most valuable skill are learnt out in the real world, and nothing can really get you there any quicker except for more time spent on the road. However...

    Consider doing a riding course from Stay Upright, etc, just to get you back into the swing of things, and get that 'feel' back initially. This could also improve your current confidence levels, and to be frank, if you're questioning yourself as you are then you may not be ready to hit the road straight up.

    The blackbird is a far better bike, and will handle, stop and go better, perhaps making it an easier transistion for you. Both of these bikes will be much easier to ride than your last!

    Perhaps consider the first generation of vfr800's also.
  3. I have a surprisingly similar story. My last bike was a 81 CB900F2 Boldor. My gut is from VB (lol), was looking at a Blackbird or VFR. Ended up with the VFR. Im 190 cm 103kg and after two months of riding I know I made the right choice. I agree with Cammo, go the Bird, but not before trying a VFR. GL
  4. Thanks

    Thanks GUYS for the good advice.
    Might try a course to brush up on things.
    Will let you know how I go.