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What bike to buy my kid?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by matti-san, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Hi all, I have a son who loves motorbikes nearly as much as his old man! :grin: I getting him a bike this year which will be his first. He is 8YO and has ridden a PW80 with no issues, I think this would last him about a year before he grew out of it.

    Now the PW80 is not a bad little bike and I can pick one up new for about $1,800. This was looking like the bike and then if he loves riding as much as I think he will upgrade to a KX65 or similair.

    Has anyone had any experience with the Atomik or Pitpro minibikes? A couple of his mates have them and they seem to be OK. The reason I ask is that he will outgrow a 80cc bike in a year and it seems a shame to spend $1,800 as opposed to $700.

    Initial riding will be on flat trails and farm paddocks.

    Anyway thoughts or opinions are welcome, informed or illinformed :LOL:
  2. I had a Honda XR75 for years, and my brother had a Yamaha YZ80. Lasted us each till we were about 13 yrs old. awesome couple of bikes.

    In terms of the atomic & pit pro on e-bay, my brothers mates have a couple & they seem not too shabby. they don't come assembled, so as long as you're prepared to put them together then go ahead! They're 4 stroke too, so no fiddling around mixing fuel.

    and you can get electric start in case your son has trouble kick starting it.

    and cause they're based on a honda engine, they're a piece of cake to repair if anything busts

    i recon if you got a 125 atomik or pit pro, it should last a while. nice cheap bike
  3. Thanks Edge, the YZ80 was a great little bike, a step up from the Peewee class. The Atomik importer is only 20 minutes from my place so I might wander up there on Saturday and have a closer inspection of the bikes and back up. This what I am looking at only $699 :shock:


  4. Don't buy him a Honda...
    Buy him something Chinese...
    You don't want him to have a better bike than your Hyo
  5. I sold the hyosung and will be buying a Husquvarna for myself, watch out wombats here comes Westy! :LOL: :LOL:
  6. One of my young blokes is 8yrs and i bought him a brand new import FMC xr50. $500 . Electric start , he's dropped it, crashed it , left it out in the rain, let his mates thrash it, and it still goes every time, it sat in the shed for 6 weeks and started first pop with some assistance (start y bastard).
    The bike came with free training wheels, and assembled.6 month part and labour warranty.I should get $200 when i go to sell, so $300 for 12 months entertainment, bargain.

    But im glad i didnt spend 2 grand on a brand name bike when the $500 special does the same thing anyway, especially this point in his career!
  7. Haha he sounds like how Nik will treat it!

    Your second point is how I am thinking, money doesn't grow on trees :grin: