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What bike should i get???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Disco, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if anyone can give me some advise on the Hyonsung bikes and what they would be like for a learner to ride.

    If this was the car world I would know exactly what to get, but as it's not I am confused :?

  2. Do a search, the topic has been done to death.

    The biggest factor is the depth f your wallet.
    Buy what you can afford.
    Then buy gear, then buy us all beers.

    Seriously, do a search.
  3. Well if Hyonsung were a car it'd be a Hyundai.....my opinion
    Depends were you are at, NSW has LAMS so your not restricted to a 250 and plenty of bikes to choose from.
    Do you intend on keeping the bike after your learner period???

    Search is your friend...
  4. simple rules for the first bike....

    cheap; if it got dropped crashed (it will happen its a matter of time) and or mysteriously caught on fire after your fire and theft came through would you really miss it? finance wise?

    simple; can you wield a spanner? no you will with a cheap bike and you will, and come to love that knowledge on your next bike.

    2-3rd hand girls bike; i know its sexist but girls pay for professionals to maintain and repair bikes making them idea for you. well maintained = happyness...

    small; dont laugh at the guy on a posie he is getting on with his experence with a minimum of cost and fuss...

    old doesnt = bad; just because the bike is older than you are doesnt mean that you cant still get parts for it, ride it and get all the experence you need till your upgrade from it. Plus some ofarc's on this site will give you a wealth of information.

    If the shoe fits; when you sit on the bike does it feel right? is everything in the right spot? are you reaching miles? is your arse hurting already? do you like you arse to hurt? if not walk away too many people have fallen in love with the idea of one make and or model and will over look a better bike all round not just for learning on.

    As for car analogies i'm not going there. I can say however after riding a semi rare bike and busting it up that your first bike should be from a well known brand. Therefore more than a few will be kicking around and you will be spoilt for choice. In the end you wont be keeping it for a long time and you may even take one out.. except the postie those bastards never die...
  5. For the record my first bike was a CBR600f4 1998 and i rode it in meb for five days amongst the worst taxis on earth and promptly killed it 50km out of devonport on the way home my parents place at launceston

    i was in love with it, i was it 2nd owner, it was too large for me and i did miss it finacialy... I now have internal scaring that makes my hip click. :wink:

    so take note from a crazy persons stupidity and find yourself yuor learner.
  6. Thanks guys good advice, sorry to hear about your clicky hip. scar tissue can be repaired if you get the right treatment. its called BIcom therapy and is available in your state
  7. Spoke to a mechanic that worked on the Hyonsung bikes and let me put it this way....He doesn't own one and from what he tells me...hmmm...no chance of ever owning one either. Saying that....., you get what you pay for.....I do beleive they are a bit larger then your everage 250 and will suit a solid or tall individual. (If you really want a Hyonsung bike)