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What bike should i get

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by OzzyDevil, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. At the end of the month i'm getting a new bike BUT not sure which one to get...

    1 Ninja 300
    2 SV650 Lams bike

    These are my 2 choices i have picked...

    Ninja 300 is a cheap bike but with my weight and height 5,11 i felt cramped on my ninja 250 i had it...

    SV650 lams is biker bike alittle bit more heavy won't blow me around in the wind and it will be a keeper for a few years...

    I have seen alot of bikes but these are the 2 i have picked...
  2. It would appear you've made your choice?
  3. The Ninja 300 is getting good reviews.
    The SV650 is a known good machine, if the tight/sporty riding position suits you it would be a nice sporty ride. I reckon the extra engine capacity would make it more relaxed on the highway too. Vee twin sounds better than parallel twin.
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  4. Yeah i'm pointing to the SV650 lams bike i hear there very good and i love the reviews on it..
  5. save till of restrictions
  6. Still have 6 months to go so it would be so hard :(
  7. Sv650 with a bottom fairing added looks sweet. That's what I'd go for :)
  8. Get what ever you want mate. Ride them both (and others) and buy the one you like the most.

    My wife has on old(er) SV650S (carby model). They are a great bike.
  9. It's a shitty thing to have to do at this time. If you got the cash to blow then why not go for it. I'd be going the Sv650 out of the 2 options if I could get a new bike :p. If i was in a prang now it'd be a $2000 gpx or zzr to get me through or nothing.
  10. I may be wrong on this, but I believe the Ninja 300 is the closest bike to the LAMS limit currently in Australia?

    Regardless of that; the Ninja 300 is nothing like the Ninja 250. It looks more like a 600 and feels like one except for the more upright bars and position. Powerwise its about as good as you will get on a LAMS bike. Go and ride one before settling with the SV650 restricted version.
  11. Ever ridden a 70hp Aprilia SXV ?
  12. 39 ponies and 170 kg = not likely. Assuming those figures are correct.
  13. Oh how I want one of those, they look like too much fun for a learner though. And look to be a biatch on maintenance.
  14. They are exactly as you describe :)
  15. Looks like a suicide machine for a learner! Crazy specs for LAMS...
  16. how the hell are you meant to test an SV650 when Suzuki doesn't have any test bikes... i rang 2 or 3 dealers and all they have is new ones :(
  17. There was a blue lams one at Peter Stevens in Dandenong when I went there last week, might still be there?
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  18. Yeah i just rang Suzuki in the City i have a test ride next Saturday so i can't wait :)

    I hope that all goes well i should have a bike by the end of Jan now...
  19. Thought the SV650 wasnt LAMS approved.
  20. SV650SU is