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What bike should I buy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tesh #4, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. Hi guys, pretty excited right now as I will be buying my first bike pretty soon + I'm starting year 12!

    Now I've been looking at a few bikes (CBR250r, Ninja250/300r).

    Ive been told strongly to only buy a bike with ABS installed in it. Im looking to spend under the $5000 (preferably $4000) mark and have an exhaust installed (loud bikes really appeal to me) haha.

    Suggestions on what bike I should look into?
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. It probably depends on a large factor of things,how tall you are,how heavy you are,what sort of riding are you looking at doing,what riding you have done in the past.
  4. Test ride them and see which one you like, also include the GS500 on your test list, solid and reliable with parts galore......... never had a bike with ABS so I don't have an opinion on that.

    Check your state rules concerning after market pipes, a LAMS bike with modifications MAY be considered to be de-restricted... Stupid rule, but I've heard a rumour this may be fact...

    Also remember Insurance.... check insurance before you have your heart set on a bike, you may be horrified at the cost.

    Personally I started on a TZR125... 2-stroke !!!!
  5. Any of those 3 u mentioned are great bikes. I prefer the ninja 300. Just look for the newest , lowest klm one that u can afford
  6. Red ones go faster, so get a red one.
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  7. Forget about ABS for the budget you have: it isn't gonna happen for that money!

    ZZR250 is a good second hand option (I wish I had kept mine and converted it to be a track bike for Broadford), and with the money you save, you could go to Superbike School and learn how to ride. (y)
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  8. There's a ninja 300 abs on gumtree for $5k neg
  9. Fark! That's a surprise! What's wrong with it? ;)
  10. It's on Gumtree so it's either:
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  11. Sounds like a bargain then! :roflmao:
  12. Ninja 300r sounds good :) depends what you're into really.

    Any chance you're interested in dual sports or supermotos?

    If so, have a look at the KLX250S/SF or DRZ400E/S/SM since they should be in your price range.

    I used to be all about sports bikes but then I realized that speed and leaning it over in corners didn't appeal to me too much, but rather the versatility of a dual sport and potential hooliganism that can be had with both dual sports and supermotos was more my thing so I went with a WR250X.

    So yeah, have a look man and keep your options open.

    Good luck.

    P.S. Like someone said earlier, get some insurance quotes! The price definitely caught me off guard aye.
  13. Will do, thanks guys! Oh man no gumtree for me, bike sales or straight from a dealer!

    Ill check the insurance quotes before buying any bike for sure. And yeah i think ill need to spend a bit more money for my bike lol!
    I think ill be going for the ninja 300 ABS, sadly there is no red - or id go for that honestly :greedy:
  14. There's nothing wrong with gumtree mate. Don't know why those guys have a problem with it.
  15. Gumtree isn't really a risk given that a bike isn't going to be mailed to you, only for it not to turn up after you have paid. Regardless of where you buy from, ensure there is no encumbrance and no total loss history. Both can be done online in one place.

    I would think that most learners looking for a road bike want the bike with the most go, so getting a 300cc LAMS sports style bike will resell at a premium over a 125/250cc bike. The bigger ones, 600cc ish might not be as popular because they cost somewhat more for rego (CTP component) and they are often more difficult to complete the MOST on, so their appeal is reduced.

    Regarding ABS, don't even worry about it. A good rider is one who can stop the bike without the aid of such things. We have been riding and stopping bikes for 100 years without it.
    There is also a common belief that an ABS bike stops in shorter distance, and I'd argue that's not entirely true. ABS works by modulating pressure on the discs through the calipers, and is only effective when a wheel would otherwise lock due to excessive braking force. What happens with ABS, is that the system relieves pressure (when sufficient pressure to lock a wheel is applied) to keep the wheel turning. Braking without ABS and using as much force as possible without locking a wheel yields the same or better braking performance, because ABS takes a second to regulate pressure, and that reduces momentarily the braking force, thus reducing momentarily the braking effectiveness.

    What ABS on a bike really does is prevent numpties from locking wheels through poor braking application techniques.
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  16. @Tesh #4@Tesh #4 I recently got a Ninja 300 from a guy on eBay and would highly recommend this bike! It is my first bike and has been easy to get used to riding on the road with due to being quite light and manoeuvrable. It's not an ABS model, and I don't quite see the draw to ABS. Also as @TWEET@TWEET mentioned, this model should hold its value quite well and be easy to sell presuming you look after it.

    You can read more about my experience buying of my bike over here
  17. Thanks for expanding my mind further on the whole ABS thing, but i still think that it would be a valuable thing for me (zero bike experience) as it would allow my first bike to be more forgiving on mistakes. And ive seen a few scenarios of non-ABS bike crashes that really have confirmed my thoughts of getting ABS.
  18. Oh yeah ive definitely heard about the ninja's agility! Nice little article i just read it :) And yo, you should really think about getting a proper jacket man! Enjoy your new ninja and ride safe (y)
  19. I think you falsely believe ABS is going to be your savior and my advice is to be as vehement about learning correct emergency braking techniques.
    I own 3 bikes, 2 of them BMW with ABS and BMWare probably the best at doing ABS for bikes, I see no benefit in having it, and we are talking bikes that weigh 280kg and 320kg.

    Stopping a LAMS bike is literally a pinch compared.
  20. Hmmm, so what do you recommend I do then?