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What bike should 69SIM get? Let's help him...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chilliman64, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. as many of you know poor old 69SIM69SIM had a spectacular dismount on the weekend Ride to Putty... make that Westmead :(. as a result the nice friendly insurance company has decided to buy him a new bike - well not really but the short of it is that he will soon be tyre-kicking and test-riding as soon as he is off his sticks.

    in order to help enable the many enablers here on NR to encourage and assist Simon spend his money as (un)wisely as possible I thought we might be able to make some helpful suggestions of bikes, accessories and gear.
  2. go hard or go home, get yourself one of these, everything else is a compromise
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  3. I'd have to sell the other two bikes as well to pay for it and that would make for one angry Sibi.
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  4. This bike is worth it...

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  5. Nothing is worth upsetting the ladyfriend.......
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  6. Daytona Daytona Daytona Daytona Daytona Daytona Daytona
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  7. What Steve VtecSteve Vtec said...

    ... then you too can have this much fun:
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  8. a ducati 959 very sweet.
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  9. You can guess what I want to recommend......
  10. Join the Netrider Honda Crossrunner Club.......

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  11. 69SIM69SIM - What's your budget, do you want a tourer type, a naked capable of touring, supersport or something that will become Sibi's in future?
  12. She'll get over it, probably only hold a grudge for 30-40 years
    Maybe something a little bit safer (y)(y)

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  13. Oh, I thought this was a serious thread. Since it isn't, how about this????

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  14. #15 69SIM, Jul 21, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2016
    Ok, in some sort of seriousness I'll give you my list of bikes that I am considering.

    Budget: Upper Limit ~$15000 - want some change though to get accessories etc.
    Style: Sports Tourer/Classic - Not after an Adv/Tourer, the DR650 will cover any offroad adventure rides.
    Capacity: 650-900 - Not after a litre bike, want something a lot lighter than the VStrom and feel I wont be comfortable on a thou.
    Engine: I really like the reviews the triples get but it's not top of the list of deciding factors.
    Brand: Looking mainly at Japanese bikes - There are a few reasons, but I'm not ruling out Italian atm.
    Plans: We WILL be doing long rides so it needs to be relatively upright in riding position and easy to fit some sort of luggage on it.
    Ergonomics: I have a dodgy back and a forward leaning bike is just to hard on my back. I also have fk'd knees (and now a possible dodgy hip) so need something relatively low... the DR is going to be fun getting my leg over.
    SibiSibi: She's happy for me to get a bike just for me, though if should could sit and ride the new bike then that would be good.

    So, my list is something like this (not in any order):

    Triumph Daytona 675 - 48 degree lean angle is the killer here.
    Yamaha MT09 - Not the tracer.
    Ducati Scrambler - Love the styling but I'd like more gadgetry on my bike.
    Kawasaki Z800 - Maybe the Z1000/Ninja 1000 is in this selection too.
    Yamaha XSR900 - Love the look of this bike.
    Honda VFR800 - The F is nice, the X really grabs me but as it's a adv/tourer style it's low on the list.
    KTM 690 DUKE R - Always loved the KTM look, single cylinder much like the DR though.


    MV Brutale 800 - Starting to get out of my price range.
    Aprilia - Waaay out of my price range.
    Nothing Suzuki offers is on my radar.
    BMW offers nothing in my wish list and bikes like the F800R seem lifeless in looks.

    This is pretty much it for now. Discuss.
  15. No KTM 690R ?

    In actual fact I'd love caz64caz64 opinion on hers. I'm quite partial to them without having ridden one......
  16. Ducati Hyperstrada 821 with panniers - around the $12-14k second hand some ex demo's in the $15k range

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  17. 2012 Ducati Multistrada kitted out @$15.5k

  18. Have I missed something GeorgeOGeorgeO whats with the new Avatar?
  19. Hip replacement 2010 after a vehicle crash in 2004. Actual xray of my Hip.

    So i'm an actual 'Hipster' not a wannaby coffee deconstructor.
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