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What bike next for me.....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cjacobson, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. I have only ever owned one bike (a Honda CB250) which has done me fantastically well, very reliable, easy to ride and safe (someone told me you cant fall of one and I havent yet). I now want to upgrade but have no idea what to get. I have a full unrestricted license.

    I use the bike for every day commuting but want something that will do a highway ride and is comfortable for an occasional passenger. My through is something 600-1100CC but no bigger. I don’t want a lean forward “sporty†looking thing and am not envisaging any off road activity.

    Does anyone have any recommendations?

    My budget is somewhere between 7-12K, would rather get a better quality second hand than a cheaper new thing.
  2. Honda VFR800? Not sure how they go with a pillion but I see a few of them on my daily commute so seem popular enough and would be great for the highway rides
  3. SV650

    To name but a few.
  4. Can't go wrong with a GS500 :grin: (Naturally due to cognitive dissonance I am heavily biased.)

    Be a safe (dare I say sedate) upgrade from the CB. Easily meets your requirements. I've done some decent touring on mine, very comfortable, and yet has a reputation as a great commuter. However, at 500cc, is lower than your thinking of 600 up. Though if you're in Vic, that puts it in a lower rego fee category which is a plus.


    Price-wise, I got my 07 new ride-away for $6875.
  5. Another Honda would be good if you like the reliability. If you want Sports and not Super Sports then the Daytona 600 is always nice. Fantastic handling and very comfy, less strain on your back ;)
  6. Sounds like a 600 Hornet would probably suit you from what you have said...
    But maybe it would be worth posting a request for bike advice in the Bikes Thoughts part of teh forums...
  7. C'mon mate, sometimes you have to decide for yourself.
  8. The FZ6 is a great transitional bike, good for commuting and pretty good on the pillion. I had an 05, and in 9 months I did 45,000 k's, and the best mileage I got was 400k's on a tank. Mechanically nothing went wrong with it, engine was smooth as still (not even overhead noise -ticking). Got rid of it coz a minor stack ended up being a $15,000 repair bill (through insurance), Would've been cheap as to fix myself, but I got a better payout than market so...
  9. 600 Hornet

    How's that for a short list :LOL:?!!
  10. dammit you beat me mate!!

    Wholeheartedly agree.
    You'll get all sorts of excited every time you ride it!
  11. You don't have anything in mind at all?
  12. I'm getting my ho a hornet :LOL:
  13. No I don’t really - I have looked at the Honda cruisers but not really sure how it would be for an everyday use
  14. Crap help, but thanks

  15. There are certain attitudes that make this site hard to want to be a part of, fair enough he's a new user but still.

    Whats with this site and all the animosity toward each other? I've never encounted this before.
  16. Actually, with three posts to his name, the animosity is coming from the noobie, not existing members.
  17. Ask such an open ended question and you're going to get some open ended answers.

    The thing is that there is seventy bajillion and four bikes on the market that will suit the task. All our opinions equate to nothing unless the OP can give more finite requirements.

    Buy a CBR600FW and save your cash. No need to trash something expensive.
  18. Try the xjr1300 yamaha, at least take it for a ride, its the same as a cb250 only bigger , turbine like motor , fun , you'll love it.1000cc or 1300cc not much difference anyway.

    The only problem with it you need 100 demerit points a year on your licence to be able to keep riding it :LOL:

    Its the big cousin to the cb250. Good luck mate.
  19. I want either a CBR600F4i or a KTM motard, depending on how much I need my license at the time... riding on 1 wheel isn't illegal right? :p