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What bike mag do you all buy?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MIK20B, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. Hi people, im new to all of this, just bought a RGV250. My first magazine was RAPID BIKES.... Liked this mag from all others on the stand. I am into drag racing cars and cars in general so that mag was most appealing to me. I was wondering what other mags are out there like this cause nowdays if you stand to long in a newsagency with a mag in your hand they tell you its not a library....

  2. For motorbikes in general, try Two Wheels and Australian Motor Cycle News, both are reasonably good buys. Two wheels monthly, ACMN fortnightly
  3. I havent bought a bike mag in years, im too cheap considering I can get all the info and more from the internet.
  4. Two wheels and Rapid :D
  5. i get AMCN, the guys who write the magazine are hilerious, its just as funny as it is informative

  6. Rapid?? Is that a stick mag :wink:

  7. depends on how much you like bikes :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  8. Bwahhhaaaaa, good point mate :LOL:

  9. Well Stew we are talkin' 'bout Yella here ay! :wink:
  10. I will buy performance bikes, a UK mag.

    Also the UK bike mag if it has something good in it.

    maybe the Australian mags if they have something worthwhile in them to buy, other wise I find the OZ mags to be utter crap.

    In fact I find most bikes mags to be utter crap overall, reviews about their lives and maybe something about the bike there supposed to be reviewing, and general crap about rossi that'll fill up 2rd's of most bike mags.

    Making them end up just having the exact same crap over and over, I've seen the same CBR600RR 05 review in ACMN, 2wheels mags and another mag from the UK only that the UK one was out first, quite bad I think.

    The performance bike mag has reviews about the bikes rather than rider lives, they also have stuff about the writers lives but it's about them their bikes only, also good reviews about products which they ride and use for a year then do a write up about the product.

    It depends on what you like though, some people will only buy OZ mags because their OZ, I'd rather buy a mag that's worth the dollars than waste money on crap that doesn't really offer you much.

    The problem is there's very few mags worth while buying.
  11. I subscribe to the LIVE TO RIDE mag :)
  12. AMCN. Comes out frequently enough for me to get a new favourite bike twice a month.
  13. Australian Road Rider (ARR) for me - its the only one I bother with. I like their way of handling bike reviews, plus the touring information in there is excellent, regardless of which mode of transport you favour.

    Plus, as an added bonus - the bike-hating other half even reads them (I don't think she knows I caught her doing it...). That CAN'T be a bad thing!!!
  14. I normally buy Two Wheels. I occasionally buy AMCN.

    Two Wheels positives - better quality paper, magazine bound better, more in depth stories, more touring related stories, no Boris.

    Two Wheels negatives - Less up to date racing coverage.

    AMCN positives - Covers late breaking stories quickly, more racing coverage.

    AMCN negatives - cheaper paper, magazine not bound as well, Boris, a general try hard sort of feel.
  15. Australian Road Rider (ARR) for me too. It's the only mag I've had some reason to go back to (usually for travel bits, where to stay, etc). Plus the occasional foray into Two Wheels and AMCN but ARR's the only one I buy every issue of.
  16. AMCN subscriber.
  17. I agree with you 100% on all points.
  18. And I agree with both of you (and that's a whole lot of agreement folks).

    That reminds me, must pick my new copy of PB tomorrow :D
  19. for me.. Motorcycle Online


    I like their bike reviews, they dont go off topic.. they dont do much about mods etc though
  20. M. Online was OK while it was free, but only because it was free.