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What bike is this?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by deafwish, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. a black one?
  2. :roll:
  3. Looks like a hornet
  4. nope, the frame's all wrong. (wishful thinking?)
  5. I T H I N K it is a Voxan, that French specialist company. From the pipes I'd say it's a V-twin, but it's really only a guess.

    Is there a prize for the winner???
  6. Honda X-11. It says it on the tank, and the script on the ducktail reads "PGM-FI".

    Blackbird engine, forks, shock, swingarm, brakes and wheels hanging from a pivotless frame which is, save for the lack of swingarm pivot plates, basically ex-Blackbird, too.

    Launched in 2000, it ran to about 2002, in Japan and Europe. Not many people bought one. Looking at the stretch to the bars, you can see why.

    RC: Voxan don't make inline-fours.
  7. yeah I read an Europien mag that had a writeup on the X-11... nudy Blackbird...
  8. nice looking, bloody big fuel tank :shock:
  9. A naked blackbird, I like it!!
  10. well one thing we know for sure
    it isnt owned by a netrider , there no road scars on it :LOL:
  11. Definitly a bird . It's black so i like it :D .