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What bike is this 'street fighter' ???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mr_sikma, Nov 18, 2011.

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  2. looks like a ducati?
  3. I agree with the last poster, vtr250.
  4. definite vtr250. tank, frame and rear cowl(?) are definite giveaways. looks like it's just had a respray, maybe clip-ons and a headlight swap
  5. yep vtr250
  6. ^ +1... it's barely modded.
  7. ^+1

    Change of headlights and bar end mirrors does not = streetfighter :LOL:
  8. needs a turbo

    and a latte
  9. More of a rat than a fighter.
  10. Definitely not a fighter, not even enough effort to be a true rat, just not very well looked after...
  11. A vtr street fighter.!!? Ahahaa

    That like saying 'here's my Vespa track bike'! Ahahaa
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  12. Yeah maybe just neglect, maybe a Rat in the future.

    Its got no front mudguard.
  13. Looks like an Un-road-worthy

  14. BWAHAhahahaha..

    I bet the owner would LOVE to know that someone out there thinks his shitbox vtr250 is a Ducati! =D>=D>
  15. Wasn't that the plan when they designed the vtr??
  16. What bike is this 'street fighter' ??? = Ugly
  17. vtr looks pretty much the same as ducati monsters dude

  18. Really?? :-s
    They actually look quite different to me..The frame, the forks, the engine, the seat, the wheels, the brakes, the size, the build quality......

    I guess the uneducated might think they look "pretty much" the same.
  19. Trellis much?