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what bike is this - Australia Post stamp.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Firstly it's good to see some motorcycles being depicted on Australia Post's 'Road Trip series of stamps. Even if the riders appear to be a pair of pratts who leave helmets and gloves on while having lunch. :)

    But the question is, what's the bike in the foreground?

    It's an old one. There's too much detail to be a generic artist's impression of a bike and all the other stamps in the set have specific vehicles and the yellow bike on the background is obviously a HD soft tail (possibly a Fatboy). There's what appears to be a decompression lever on the right handlebar of the red bike and it seems to be a V twin.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Might be a Panther with a cradle frame added on the basis of artistic licence/ignorance. Otherwise, the engine looks a bit Vincentish but there's still the frame problem in addition to the fact that they never got teles, nor were they ever given such pedestrian styling. That front end looks a bit small capacity utility bike to me and seems familiar, although I can't quite place it.

    My guess is that it's a freelance mish-mash of several different features from bikes of the 50s.
  3. The paint design on the tank reminiscent of 60's Triumphs.
  4. Looks like an Ariel Arrow, note the raised front mudguard and air cooled fins.
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  6. the 'bars are higher on the stamp.
  7. Front end is wrong for an Arrow. I don't think it's a mish-mash either. All the other stamps are very definite vehicles. There's an early Kombi, a Citroen 2CV, a Morris Minor wagon and a Holden wagon, as well as the obvious Harley.

    My first thought was a Guzzi Falcone since the front end is similar and the tank badge could easily be the Guzzi eagle - but the motor is wrong (The Falcone was a horizontal single). It's possible it's a single although there is a hint of a second cylinder behind.
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    some sort of BSA?
    1962 BSA Super Rocket

    actually the BSA starfire is closer... one exhaust pipe going down the right side from the front.
  9. That stamp reminds me of this:

  10. that engine isn't angled enough.
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  11. 60's Laverda ????
  12. Note also the tele forks and the rocker cover ;).
  13. I've just realised where I've seen the high mudguard. It's very reminiscent of Russian bikes. Google Dneipr and you'll see a zillion of them attached to flat twins.

    I agree with Tony that the tank badge could be a Guzzi eagle. I disagree, however, that there is a representation of a rear cylinder. What I can see could, just as easily, be a somewhat oversized representation of a carb.
  14. It's not an early Ducati is it.
  15. The tank is wrong for a Ducati, especially for the older singles (the decompression lever makes it pre 1970). Could it be Eastern European (MZ, CZ, DKW etc)
  16. I would have thought that an Eastern European bike would have been a bit obscure for an Australian Stamp.
  17. One of the stamps in the series has a Citroen 2CV; also most unusual for an Australian stamp. There were a good many CZ/Jawa sold though.
  18. "Pretty sure it's a Lambo, Dude".
    Sorry, wrong forum.
  19. True.