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What bike is that?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Chairman, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Russ has posted a link to a new Microsoft product. Frankly, I think the geek toy is boring as batsh1t, and the video is self-indulgent tripe, but the clip features a neat bike.


    So, boffins, what is it? I know the make and model, I'm confident on the engine size and can narrow it down to 2 possible years.

    The envelope please....
  2. Postie bike with home made fairings?
  3. I'll slap you if you make a suggestion like that again :LOL:

  4. ha!

    as you can see people liked my geeky post more than yours... what do you think this is? a forum about motorcycles? :cheeky:

    if I were to guess I'd say a ducati from the 80s
    I'm sure i've got a photo of this bike somewhere

    mind you my knowledge of bikes apporaches zero :blah:
  5. haha yeah i know nothing but look at it again and really it does look like it! :)

    haha :grin:
  6. forget the bike

    I want the tablet PC

    and the Leica camera

    and the two 19" tft screens


  7. Join the queue behind livingstonest.
  8. The fairing and paint make it look like a Ducati 900ss but it doesnt look big enough.
    Perhaps a Ducati 500 Pantah?

    Definately a Duke though with the massive rake on the front end that requires a 4 lane highway just to be able to do a U-turn!

    Classic looking bike though ....
  9. Stupid player won't let you rewind it to get a decent look at the bike.....watching that crap a 3rd time is too much to ask
  10. Is it a Laverda??? 750???
  11. Nice try everyone...

    The lozenge-shaped tank badge is the give-away - its an Aermacchi. That it is a badge (not painted) suggests post-1961. The double stay on the rear frame diagonal means that it is an Ala d'Oro 250. The flat tank top suggest 1963 model.

    So, best guess, 1963 Aermacchi Ala d'Oro 250.

  12. Finally, couldn't be bothered waiting to download an advertisement so been wondering what everyone was talking about. Nice bike. Found a '68 model on an auction site with an estimated sale price of 17-20,000 british pounds :shock:.