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What bike gear in the scorching sun of summer?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by B1K3R, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Hi there,

    I'm interested to know what gear you guys use when commuting to work everyday in the scorching sun of summer, especially in Brisbane, when its hot for months!?

    In the country I currently live in, its very hot from June till end of September. It never gets cold in these 3 months, so its continuous heat. This week has been 34 for example non stop.

    So, you can imagine...do I use gear to go to work? No!! T-shirt/shirt, light trousers and good solid shoes!

    I know...its a sin!!! Well, I only travel a few kms, so its not that bad, but still, there are no excuses.

    So, you guys wear the full gear to work on the hot days to summer or??

  2. Safety thongs and speedos.

    Well really, last summer it was draggins, leather jacket and gloves. Though I will be getting a mesh jacket and mesh gloves for this summer, which is generally the most common attire for the warmer months, or squiding.
  3. Mega lightweight high tech carbon fibre helmet
  4. Textiles with removable liners, boots and perforated leather gloves. Also plenty of water.
  5. Highly ventilated leather racing gloves (The cloth-based, often palm-length summer mesh gloves didn't exactly give me confidence when I took a closer look at them).

    Cordura mesh jacket, with heavy tight-weave cordura on the main impact areas of the jacket and several layers of cordura mesh everywhere else. It's great; compared to a heavy winter/all-weather jacket, the ventilation feels like you're wearing a T-shirt.

    My all-weather/goretex pants or draggin jeans are both fine for summer. Borderline but acceptable.

    I wear my goretex/thermal touring boots all year round... Though I suppose vented boots would be nice.
  6. Mesh jacket, when it gets really hot you can totally wet the jacket, but then this can make you really cold instead!
  7. sunscreen.

    only had a bike for a bit of last summer, but my perforated leather jacket worked ok. Yet to see how it goes in the full heat of the sun.
  8. They aren't overly bad if your moving, but once your stop.... well yeah it sucks

  9. What do you mean "stop", I'm not familiar with this.
  10. Doesn't that mean you got off the bike?
  11. Mesh jacket is a must on those very hot days. It's not the safest option but at least you wont melt.
  12. Just wish I could find more shops stocking summer/mesh jackets in light (white, tan, slate, etc) colours.

    Summer jackets only available in BLACK are stupid. It's like buying an air conditioner but leaving the gas heater turned on. :|
  13. For most summer riding, a cordura enduro jacket (Shift brand) with lots of vents, cordura enduro-style overpants (non-waterproof).
    For short city commutes on very hot days, I sometimes wear a kevlar overshirt (Draggin brand) over cotton t-shirt, with knee guards and short boots
  14. I wore my perfo A* jacket all summer and rode every day from mid november onward. No big deal as long as you stay moving.
  15. I have a cordura mesh jacket for summer, zip out the liner and the breeze flows through..I love it.
  16. I use ajay mesh jacket whish has the usual protect back elbow protection. Came with removable waterproof liner which I keep in tank bag because as stated, can get suprisingly cold on certain days during a shower.
    Also wear Dragins and this year may invest in some sort of vented boots..

    Some also use an open faced helmet with full visor for some extra facial air flow but not sure if I'll go that far....
  17. For the daily commute in summer (below 35c) I wear my work pants and full vented/perforated textile jacket, summer gloves, open face helmet and normal bike boots (DriRider at the moment). Above 35c I ditch the jacket and wear a long sleeve shirt.

    On rides I wear the either draggin jeans or leather pants (depending on just how hot it is), a full face helmet, summer vented/perforated textile jacket, summer gloves and normal bike boots. On longer rides (over an hour) I also carry a hydrapack in the back of the jacket and put on sunscreen. For day rides I carry a spare hydrapack that I froze overnight in the Ventura bag.

    I've worn full leathers in 38c+ temps before, and I'll never do it again. Heat stroke is a biatch and plays havoc with your concentration. I'd rather be less protected but fully alert and awake than fully protected and struggling to maintain control.
  18. In Darwin it is always summer. It's the cooler time of year now and it is 32C.

    A lot of people squid but I wear a vented jacket and jeans. What else is there? I've had an off twice so there is no way I am not wearing my gear.
  19. Thank you -- I now have a new idea