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What bike for track days?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ericbrat, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I am keen to buy a second bike just for track day use...Here are the options i am thinking of and the question I have

    - Aprilia RS250: Would be my preferred option but I have a few concerns: the model has been discontinued, how about parts? how much mileage do you get form a 2 stroke track bike? + I find them a tad expensive

    - Aprilia RS125: I have never been on a track, so i am sure it will be fun at first, but I am worried the 125 will lack power.

    - Old and cheap superbike: Alternatively to a nice little 2 strokes, I think i could just get an old GSXR...

    What do you guys think? Can you suggest another bike?
  2. Depends what class?

    What about a 400cc?
  3. Older model R6 or CBR600.
  4. Anything you can afford to crash uninsured.

    Aparrently, not caring whether you chuck it into the sand trap or not is worth 5s a lap at our local track. So I'm thinking of using Hondas because I'd thoroughly enjoy breaking them :D.
  5. I'm guessing if the OP is worried about an Aprilia RS250 being hard to get parts for, a 20yo 400 will be even more of a worry.

    The RS250 shares the same engine as the RGV250, so parts are still readily available here in Aus. There's plenty of aftermarket engine bits for the RS250, a set of track fairings sorts out the cost of fairings on any bike. What does cost is genuine aprilia parts (like rearsets). It is a good bike, plenty of fun on the track, you would get a couple of years out of the top end from one of there, just remember to keep an eye on the compress and ring gap.

    An older 600 wouldn't be too bad an option, plenty of good parts out there available and relatively cheap too.

    A 125 is great fun on the track, but it depends on what tracks you have access to. Long straights are downright frustrating as every bike will just blow you away, but you'll catch them as they brake much earlier and you carry more corner speed. I don't think (or really recommend) a 125 unless you plan on racing one. You'd face the same issues with rebuilds as the 250.

    Strokers in general are very rewarding and makes you work much harder and hopefully become a better rider. A 600 will be just as much fun, but you may not learn as much as you can because all the power there available for you to get some good speeds up.

    PatB has the right idea, buy the bike that you can afford to crash!
  6. I am not fussy. the plan is not to race (at least at this stage) but just do a track day every now and then.

    I have never been on a track so I am pretty sure anything racy will do. I like the idea of the RS250 but my main consideration has to be acquisition and maintenance cost.
  7. An old 600 will be the way to go with acquisition and maintenance costs.

    You should be able to do most of the maintenance your self (it's really not that hard) and for old gixxers and stuff there are heaps of fairing kits on ebay and places like that.

    I would go for one of those personally. Two strokes are great fun but you will have to rebuild them every so often depending on how often you ride them.

    Slicks would make it fun too :p
  8. I'll sell you a 94 FZR600 in excellent mechanical condition, 8 months rego, $2800, if you're near gosford NSW?