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What bike for some real fun?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser1, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. One of this morning's emails
    (from someone who, until recently, wouldn't ride ANYTHING else but his sportie, KiloGixxer in his case... then bought a project-postie which has already triggered quite a few similar emails since it's been put on the road 10 days ago...)

    Copy/ paste:

    hey hey,

    couldn't help myself, had to take the postie out again..

    was coming up to an intersection last night and was leaning on the back
    brake a bit more than i thought... Nearly slid completely off the seat.
    Damn safety pants =D

    you gotta get yours/Goodies registered and another for Goodies/you.. we
    gotta make a ride day out of this.. haven't had so much fun on a bike in

    I'll even go bush on the postie..

    was thinking about the fun factor on the way to work today.. If i had
    this much fun on the gixxer, they'd lock me up and throw away the key,
    not to mention license and fines...

    Anyway, that's enough blathering from me.. have a great day and I'll
    catch you soon.


    Good stuff, innit?
  2. Does he know about the Postie Bike Challenge, he sounds like a prime candidate?
  3. damn adrenaline junkies!!! :)
  4. I plan to put the Postie Bike Challenge in my calandar in the next couple of years, I understand that it is a blast however this year someone lost it and was air lifted to hospital.

    Looked at it this year, but the 10 days was hard to find, great charity event, pitty you don't get to keep the bike at the end. :D
  5. That would make it 2 years running then that someone was air lifted :(
  6. For plain good fun withou fear of bining them, POSTIE BIKES ROCK! :)
  7. He IS a candidate !!
    There's a small group around here getting ready for their own "postie-bike-challenge" (NOT the official one...).
    Still haven't got a date/ timeframe for it, since it's really 3 rides spread over about 12 months or even more.....
    1.leg Brisbane to Cooktown via Daintree track/ Atherton Tablelands-loop back to Townsville, store bikes in Townsville for a few months.
    2. leg Townsville-Charters Towers-Ayers Rock-Kakadu-Darwin, store bikes in Darwin for a few months.
    3.leg Darwin-Perth with quite a few side-trips

    It's a crazy thing...but will be a screamer.
    No backup vehicles/ camping only.
    Live by your wits and ability.
    Total about 11.000km.
    Spares like front-ends/ engines/ wheels etc etc are currently getting bought, tested and "stockpiled".
    :D :D :D
  8. This years airlift was Jo wasn't it Jase?
  9. Wasn't she last years?
  10. I thought she was this year, although the years are going by faster and faster......

  11. Hmm, someone was talking about motorcycling fun being directly proportional to how much time you spend on full throttle...

    Which is why I'm looking forward to picking up Cheng's Across tonight, might have to take it home the long way!

    At the same time though Pete, wasn't it you telling me about how every big bike rider that gets on a 250 tends to stack it because they ride the arses off them and get ahead of themselves because they're having too much fun?

    Might make it the short way home instead!
  12. Yes, Jo was last year. This years was only last month.
  13. Ahhh Ta for that.

    Sheesh, the last year has flown by. :?