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what bike for racing?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dgmeister, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. what bike for best lap times?

    I am in the market for a second hand jap sports bike.
    for use on the track, and maybe superstock style racing.
    it is time to see if i can ride for real or just think i can.

    what is the most competitive, no holes barred, road going racer going?
    i am not interested in pansy 'user friendliness' or ABS or any of that crap.
    Only the most power with the least weight, good brakes and handling to boot.

    minimum 600cc, it would be a few years old (second hand)

    is it mainly R1, R6, CBR600 or what????????????

    what are the differences in handling/performance from 1998- 2008?
  2. Johnny O still has his superbike for sale I think.

    See here.
  3. and i have a R6 for sale :)
  4. Dgmeister you have a few options from the 600 to the 750 up to around the 1000cc,should be good enough for the track or road.
  5. Buy that - it will far, far exceed pretty much anything else you can buy.

    If you can outride that thing talk to HRC and take over Stoner's job
  6. R6 is the best bike on the track, 06 onwards.
  7. Not to be an asshole here, but substantiate that statement please, just call me devils advocate :grin:
  8. Lol, no probs - when I was looking for my first big bike I was a bit obsessed with 600's, I looked up every review of the big 4 I could find and a continuing trend was that the R6 was the most hardcore (body position, high revving engine). Which is the best on track, but uncomfortable on the road.

    Also - I had an opportunity to thrash an 09 R6 for two weeks and thrash it I did :D

    GSXR - Softest, most comfortable, built with road riding in mind
    CBR - still built with road riding in mind but good all rounder
    ZX6R - generally has the best bits on it but engine characteristics are a bit more road friendly than an R6 (more mid range, also comfy seat)
    R6 - Balls to the wall track bike, aggressive body position, high revving engine, Yamaha says its even more track-focused than the R1

    I watched this video after I wrote the above wall of text lol, I was pretty close:
  9. The answer depends on a few things :

    1) How much do you want to spend?
    2) What club and category do you want to race in?
    3) How competitive do you want to be?

    If you want to be competitive in FX, you'll want the latest model, preferably R6 or ZX6R (although Josh Hook has done well on the CBR). The latest GSXRs aren't really on the field yet so we'll have to see how they go. The R6 and ZX6R seem to be the current weapons of choice in racing, but really a good enough rider can ride any bike at the front. Last year Lachie Thomas was doing 1.37s on a 7 year old FZ6 with 95 hp.

    If you want to race Clubsport (i.e.: with St George) you can have an older machine and still be competitive.

    I wouldn't suggest a 1000cc bike unless you're already cutting 1.30s at Eastern Creek or mid 40s at Phillip Island. If you're not doing good times already, you will be smashed in any unlimited (1000cc) race.

    If you are willing to go non-jap, then the Triumph 675 daytona is a good bike for racing in 600 classes and is also able to compete in BEARS championships.

    All 600s have become more track focussed over the past ten years or so, they typically get a bit lighter, newer models have superior suspension, and they rev higher (giving more top end power).

    If you want to race, I would suggest that you should be capable of 1.40s at the creek if you want to be mid pack. If you're doing 1.55s you could race in FX, but you'll be right at the back. I think generally, St George is a better race club for beginners.

    But once you're riding in red group, you will probably know a few club racers who can advise you.
  10. Fair wright up - I'm sure the OP will benefit from it.

    Although I dont disagree with the R6 being a top notch race bike, I think there are some decent bikes on par, especially the zx6r... but again it does come down to rider ability as any one of the 600's could be a front runner in the right hands. The daytona's do a slight power advantage to the r6/zx6r/gsxr/cbr rr in my opinion and I've ridden all of them within the last year.

    Each to their own I say!! :)
  11. im kind of thinking along the same lines OP!

    im thinking more along the lines of a smaller bike or a motard, though!
  12. hitting the tracks this year on a 650 Hyo. limited class and brackets.

    depends on your budget too don't forget. once you start race prepping the costs can mount up. especially for someone new into racing there's a lot of stuff you need to buy in terms of tools, trailer, stands, tyre warmers and the like. all these costs soon add up to a LOT.

    laugh all you want. a number of people are racing the hyos now in Australia, some in the South Oz series, and a few in FX. A friend and his brother race in FX and he does pretty well on his 650 Hyo. Naked F3 class they are.

    Hyosung Australia will sell you a brand new GT650 to race for $4950. You can't register it and you need a race license to buy one but then, if you're going to race you need one of those anyway. parts are dirt cheap for them and if you go naked, you don't have to worry about replacement race glass if you bin it. Despite the many many crashes my friend and his brother have had they've never spent more than $200 in parts to fix a bike plus a few hundred to get them straightened after a big off.

    If I bin mine and wreck it completely it'll have cost me about two and a half grand. Mine is a stat write off from NSW. Cost me $1700 for the bike plus $300 shipping. When you crash your R6 once you'll see the value.

    Also... don't buy a second hand race bike. from what I've seen people want far too much money for something that's been flogged, dropped, modified and crashed all its life.

    I was only gonna add my two cents here... think I added more than that! lol!
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  13. Nice write up, thanks.
  14. Maybe my title is misleading, the bike would be a road reg. bike used for track days (at first), and possibly racing later on if it works out.

    I have done my time on small bikes and dirt, i think i can ride, and it is time for a mean mother f*cking machine. My ideal bike would be an RS250, but they don't make two strokes any more so it has to be a four.

    However i would favour handling and lighter weight over top speed. Basically, what is the most competitive stock bike of the last 8 years, on the track. What bike would cut the best lap times with a mid level rider? (have i talked myself into a 600?)

    what difference will you feel, riding the same year model 600 compared to the 1000?
    is the extra weight noticeable handling/braking wise, etc.
  15. Why not get a used NSR or RGV 250 2smoker?
    Cheap and easy to rebuild, fast enough to embarrass the "boy racers" through the fun bits, perfect trackbike that will also surprise a few, and you can race them!

    You can pick them up cheap and fix it up to whatever your standard is.
  16. Wooooahh there, before we talk about racing, have you done any track days?
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  17. Exactly what I just realised!

    Have you done any track days yet? If so, what times?

    From what I'm reading here, your skill level will by faaaaar be the biggest factor, rather than a 2% horsepower difference either way. So I would say pick one you like and go nuts.
  18. If you want to get into racing...I'd say 400s...I may be biased though. They are quick and nimble with the right rider. People are doing 1:50s at the Island with a stock 400 and modified maybe in the 1:45s.

    I did racing after just doing 2 track days, granted I suck at it but it is pretty good and very VERY steep learning curve.

    To give you a rough estimation, it cost me about $10K for budget racing the first year. Bike (VFR400 with damage $1500 to fix), trailer, tyres, tyre warmers, stand, race license, club membership, fairings, spare parts, other little bits and pieces. Lucky for me I already had most of the tools. Then there are event cost, accommodation, petrol, garage hire (PI = $100 a garage...sharing will obviously reduce cost)...etc

    So as said before, have you done a track day and have you got the funding?
  19. everything he said. amongst my bikes is a 400, and it embarrasses the 600's and litres in the corners only lacking in punch on the straight. But it all means jack if you can't ride....