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What bike for $7-8k?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by asho101, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    How are you going?

    Ok, my question for you all - What bike would you recommend for around $7-8k?

    With that in mind, here is what I feel:
    1. I'm 6'2 & 85kgs
    2. Bike will be used for commuting 25kms to work and back 5 days a week - then hitting up The Great Ocean Road on weekends with a few track days here and there. Pillion passengers will be there as well
    2. I want a 1000. I have ridden my best mates 2006 ZX-10R alot...taken it down The Great Ocean Road and feel comfortable on it. I really like the 1000s because they are physically bigger & give you a feeling of unlimited power...I have compared this to a 2006 R6 I have ridden, which feels too little for me. The older 600s are a little bigger, but most are too ugly.
    3. No, I'm not going to get a 600 instead of making the "jump" to a 1000 - so don't argue that point please
    4. Is carbie that bad? I heard the power of, say a 2000 R1, is just awesome in a carbie - there is torque everywhere - this is what I am after. I don't need to wank factor of having 180hp but not hitting it till red line...which is what they seem have focused on since EFI came into play. I want rideability and useful power & torque. I don't live on a race track...

    I have been looking around for a little while. I was set on getting an 2004 R1, but I don't think I can justify the huge jump in price from say a 2000 R1 to a 2004 R1 (spending $14k instead of $7k) - both are 1000cc, handle well and far beyond my potential - only major difference to me is looks & EFI. I'd rather buy my girl a 2002 GSXR600 & me a 2000 R1 than just get me a 2004 R1.

    #1 Bike for me at the minute is a 1998-2001 R1 - top of the list. No other 4 cylinder 1000cc Jap Bike from that era looks anywhere near as good...most are just plain ugly or expensive. It also is a much bigger unit than the current crop of 1000s - which is good for me!

    I also like the TL1000Rs...but a little more of an enthusiast bike and maybe a little too expensive - sound great though and would love a V-Twin!

    So, let me know what you think. Really want to hear what people have to say about the early R1s - heard they are a great example of the smoothness of a carbi engine...

    And if there are any other Sportsbikes you have had experience with in my price range, let me know.

    Thanks Guys!

  2. Have you considered a twin?

    VTR1000 might also fit the bill.
  3. $7k to $8k?

    Yah... VTR1000 would be my recommendation for a first big bike of 1000cc or there abouts too.
  4. Looking more at the sportsbikes - I'm a boy racer at the minute.

    Sure the VTR1000 would be a great bike, just not my cup of tea.

    Thanks anyways
  5. u can get a 2000 R1 for 7k? ... thats alot of bike for the money i'd be happy with that. but i cant coment on the other stuff
  6. A ZX9R is another possibility. Plenty of nice ones in that price range, and it's still plenty quick for your purposes while being a bit more user-friendly on the daily commute. I know it's not technically a 1000 but close enough for government work. ;)
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  8. Been looking at a few, like them. Very chunky looking things.

    I will have to take one for a test ride.

    Forgot all about hte ZX9R...thanks for the heads up
  9. ZX9R http://www.netrider.com.au/images/smilies/smitten.gif - Best of the road going sports bikes IMHO... if you want more road focus, you need to step over to sports tourers - Sprint ST's and that ilk come to mind.

    I'm not biased at all... http://www.netrider.com.au/images/smilies/read.gifhttp://www.netrider.com.au/images/smilies/icon_box_.gif
  10. That chunky look translates into good wind coverage,best to look at zx9s 2002-2003 as they were the finished product,a lot lighter and more refined than previous years.Set up correctly they will handle anything you through at them and in complete comfort.A slip on and a jet kit will really get them going not that they dont have enough power to do more than most people could use.A good all round bike that the motor is bullet proof and will last way past 100,000 ks.Ride one beforeyou deciede :grin:
  11. Sounds good mate.

    Not up for a Sports Tourer mate...just not my cup of tea at the minute.

    Any other general things you can say about the ZX-9R?

    How do you find your 2?

    If I was to get 1 is there anything you recommend I do to it immediately? (e.g. Chuck on a Steering Damper?)

    Cheers Guys, appreciate the input!
  12. Having owned a 2000 model R1 for almost 2 years (Sept 2005 - May 2007), I can say that they are a comfortable enough bike, especially for taller riders (6'+) as the reach to the bars isn't that bad. I found my bike to be fairly comfortable. The only real comfort issue I had was getting a numb bum if I had to drone along on a straight road for more than 30 minutes.

    Compared to the ZX9R, the R1 steers better, handles better, is lighter, and has more mid-range punch. The ZX9R might feel faster but that's only because the mid-range is a little weak (in comparison) before it really starts to take off, whereas the R1 will just grunt hard from 3000rpm to 11000rpm in a smooth near seamless progression of power.

    The ZX9R is slightly more comfortable, but you don't buy >900cc sports bikes to go touring on. The ZX9R is a more sedate ride than the R1. The R1 can be as tame as you want though. You can tool about town quite happily, and then if you want arm-ripping acceleration just twist that throttle hard above 5000rpm and the horizon will get closer very quickly.

    The R1 is flightier though under hard power. The rear shock, if stock, does struggle to keep all the power under control, and the end result is a front-end that will shake and wobble unless it's tamed with a stiff steering damper.

    As for 600cc bikes and a good midrange, there's a very good reason for why I went with the Triumph Daytona 675 after the old R1. Given any gear at any given speed, the 675 actually lays down the same amount of power as the old R1 did, at least up until you get to very high speeds (>150kph). You're not likely to find any 675's within your budget range though, suffice to say that they're NOT a step-down in mid-range punch at all, but are a huge step-up in handling. I only say this in order to assist you in keeping an open mind about the super-sport class bikes.
  13. FLUX, thank you.

    Exactly the feedback I was after - thanks for taking the time to write it up.

    I will definitely keep an open mind regarding the 600s when I upgrade - the only one I would go out of the current crop is the 675. A few mates have them and swear by them, I will have to take one for a ride. Just wish I could justify the extra cash at the minute, but too many other commitments & debts to pay off!

    I may look at upgrading the rear shock on the R1 if that seems to be its main flaw.

    Thanks again mate

  14. SV650s/SV1000s maybe.

    If its an all rounder bike you want (ie able to commute on as well as go hard) - a vtwin would fit the bill nicely. And doesn't cost an arm and a leg to service.

    Both will do what you want, but sounds like you'd want the 1000's power.
  15. i agree with phizog
  16. It's not.

    You can get early R1's in your price range, but I doubt they'll be very good examples.
  17. The only times I've ever had the head wobbles (and then only barely) was under ultra hard acceleration out of Siberia and out of turn 12 on PI with fully stock suspenders. A damper is a waste of money.

    The 7R is equally known for it's stability.

    Z900 said it straight, the '02/'03's were the best sorted of the 9R's being the evolutionary end prior to the 10R. But you'll be hard pressed to find a low km's one for $8000. There were a few important but minor changes between the '00/'01 to the '02/'03, including stiffer springs, crank mass adjusted for better mid range punch and some other things I don't recall atm. But the '00/'01s are equally as fine.

    My mate get's his '98 9R punting around PI in the 1:55's on a bad day. Not bad for a bike that's considered porky. Apparently Brouggy used to get his worked official SBS tracked 9R around in the low mid 1:40's.

    They are capable bike. For the record, the 9R didn't win IBOTY in '02, but it was only a couple of seconds off the pace and it had a good solid report. I think it won IBOTY in '97.

    All the 9's are carbied and only poor throttle control makes it experience some throttle snatch. Otherwise, the '02 has a very linear power delivery - no lumps, no bumps and when accelerating hard and revving passed 6 - 7k makes the most glorious induction noise... pure howl. :twisted:

    I routinely tool around in 6th (4000rpm = 100km/h) and the bike will drive in 6th from as low as 3k rpm - so it has a very useable round town power.

    As for touring - have a look at the bike pics in the slip sliding away link in my sig. There might also be some pics in the tasfest 2007 thread. It tours fine and with aplomb.

    My bum has only ever become numb after hours in the saddle...

    A performance pipe sees a small but noticeable step in power without needing to rejet (it's a carby bike). Both mine still run stock jets, but by general accounts, some rejetting and tinkering and a filter, will see that rise well above 130BHP at the wheel. Go the headers and pipes, and more jet tinkering and you get rediculous power >>>150BHP. But no matter what the dyno says, once you're out on the road, the ram jet aided power increase makes the picture even niiiiiiiicer. :twisted: :cool:

    Performance 9R users do recommend slipping the triple clamps a mm or two to sharpen up steering, but I've found mine steers well enough with the right input, especially on new tyres. I'm able to adjust lines mid cornering without fear of my life... except right now because of a squared off rear :(

    It's not a light bike in comparison to Flux's R1... my rides of R1's left me with a sense of respect for a good bike, though they didn't seem "as stable". I definitely preferred the larger and more portly (in comparison) feel of the 9.

    Anyway, the only way is to try some bikes out.

    For me, before I bought the 9R, I sat on every Jap sports bike going, and a triumph too, even road tested a couple... but I knew as soon as I sat on the 9 in the shop that it was the bike for me. FTR, I'm just shy of 5'10" and 90+kg.

    SV's are a good bike too... just seem to have too long a reach for mine...

    You watch, a blade rider will come in now and sprook about their bike... LOL
  18. Jump on bikesales mate...there are many around for under $8.5k that are pretty nice - a lot with high kms, but I'll be keeping away from them.

  19. I picked up my 2000 model R1 in 2005, with 8,800kms on the dial for $9.5K, including Yoshi slip-on pipe (which I still have here and need to sell - the pipe that is).

  20. Robsalvv,

    Thank for that mate.

    Great write up. THe ZX9R is obviously a very capable machine, far beyond my riding limit.

    I will keep it all in mind when looking around over the next few weeks. Definitely have to take 1 for a ride soon.

    Good to see that its a good tourer, as I will be doing a bit of that in the near future.

    Enjoy the weekend mate, and thanks again!