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What bike for 2up?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gato, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    Currently I'm on a GSXR600. I love the bike but the missus hates being pillion on it. I can understand, having had to be pillion once during an emergency. There might be ways to increase pillion comfort. Anyone got a clue?

    I've been considering a 2nd bike, specifically for going 2up.

    Cruisers out of the picture. No Goldwings either.
    No Scooters too!!! :D

    Here's my growing list:
    Speed/Street Triple <--- what's the difference, anyone?
    Yamaha TDM
    Bandit 1200

  2. Having pillioned on a DL1000, I'll suggest that. They move well and are very comfy.
  3. VStrom! Forgot to add that in my list.

    I had a loan bike from Mick Hone once. The biggest impression I got from it was how high the handlebars felt. Also, when stopped I thought I was just standing on the road.
  4. ..I can vouch for the ZZR1100... very comfy for a pillion!! (y)
  5. Apparently one is a man bike.
  6. Correct also:
    Speed - 1050cc
    Street - 675cc
    I would say neither are great for pillions though

    If you go used the zx9 is comfy for a pillion and fun for the rider
    If your other half is short the z750 or z1000 are worth a look too.
  7. Upright half faired bikes - for me plenty of buffeting

    Why not look towards the Touring Sports - VFR800, Sprint, Blackbird, Duc ST's
  8. Whatever happened to 2up?
  9. i've got a gsx 1400 - everyone whose been on the back has remarked how comfortable it is and the bike does it easy with 2.
  10. The Bandit is a better pillion bike than the Sprint ST (yes I've owned both), the extra torque just makes things easier.

    But almost any sports/tourer or big naked will do the 2 up thing ok... buy the one you like the most, you need to be happy as well as your pillion :)
  11. In the days before I rode my own, I used to pillion on hubbys 1996 Triumph Trophy 990cc (sports tourer). We tried out lots of bikes before deciding on that particular one - it has an excellent pillion seat and riding position. Made for two up so they say. Well worth looking at if you can find one. If you want I can upload a photo.
  12. I've recently purchased a Bandit 1250. My wife has been pillion on it twice now, once for a 75min each way ride to Phillip Island for pizza and sunset!
    We both love the torque and the extra space (I had a zzr-250 prior!). The seat got rated as a bit hard and there is a bit of wind buffeting (I'm 5ft 10 and she's 5ft 7), which I notice aswell coming from the zzr.
  13. Delete CB400 and insert CB900

    What about a Yamaha XJR 12/1300, Busa, B-King, ZX-14?
  14. thanks all for the response & suggestions.

    the major discomfort for is the gap between me and her on the gsxr. i don't fill up my own seat, and a lot of times i slide up against the tank. so that gap becomes like a chasm for her to sort of hang across. a bike with a one-piece seat would fix that, like the gsx1400 or zrx1200.

    my main criteria would be weight. the weight of the bike + 2up... :eek:hno:

    this weekend we're going into some dealer to try out some bikes.

    ...i'm also thinking of getting a cb400 for her to ride solo...use it as a commute in the weekdays (y)
  15. I'd say one of the most important things for the pillion is a grab handle/s.

    Some pillions are ok without and are fine just holding onto the rider, but if you are doing it alot and want to ride reasonably "briskly" with a not so experienced pillion a good solid grab handle can make all the difference.
  16. I've found the TDM to be great for 2 up. the one improvement I've made (and i'd do with any bike if you're doing a fair bit of 2up) is getting the seat re-upholstered with gripper material for the pillion. Means they don't slide all over the place, don't slide into you and they don't need a deathgrip on the grab rail when cornering.

    I've tried 2up on a VTR250, SV650, Tiger, Sprint and Bandit and I'd say out of those the Tiger and TDM offer the best feel... but that's probably because of the upright position and large seat.
  17. While I didn't get the opportunity to ride 2up, each and everyone of my 'candidates' liked the look and feel of the perch on the GSX1400. They're a big bike but the big torque is more than capable of hauling two people with little hassle however the size could be an issue for your lovely lady using it as a commuter, especially if you were thinking 400 from a LAMS perspective.
  18. I am guessing you wont be spending too much $$. In terms of mid size 2 up, I'd suggest Suzuki Vstrom (DL650) and GSX650F, Yamaha FZ6S, all have grab handles for pillion.

    Out of three, Vstrom has the most comfy seat, wide, flat, thick padding and does not slop forward as much as other two bikes (therefore less helmet knocking). The engine is very suitable for 2 up, low and mid range engine power is what you need. Generic hard luggage is easy to come by and quite cheap too, while other two bikes require additional OEM luggage racks.

    GSX and FZ6 are 4 cylinders, more top end power but really lacks low and mid range for carrying heavy load. FZ6 is lighter, nimbler and more powerful than GSX, but power curve is not ideal for 2 up. Whereas GSX has a more linear power delivery and therefore feels more reassuring for the pillion.

    IMHO, for comfort you cannot go pass Vstrom, for top end rush look no further than FZ6, somewhere in between pick GSX. No matter what you choose, be prepared to beef up the suspension.
  19. Triumph Sprint ST is excellent 2up
  20. If its full time pillioning your after .
    Add to the list the Yammy FJR 1300 , dont be put off by its apparent size it will surprise those that havent ridden one. Ask Bam abm about following mine between Leongatha and Warrigul on the way to see Craig in hossy , and I dont pretend to be Valentino. Set up properly they will hoot and give throttle jockey sports riders a scare if you can ride .
    The FJR doesnt put the pillion on top of a sky scraper same as the Sprint which is more comfy for everyone . Just ask my pillion she dont need no steenking grab handles.