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What bike am (or WAS) I riding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by WowlTurkey, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. As you know, I've crashed my CBR 250 R/RR and need to replace the fairings. I think the size or look of the fairings differ between the R's and RR's?

    It's a 1991 model and the compliance plate says R and the rego papers say RR (or viceversa)... The only difference that I could pick up on was that my bike as dual front disc brakes. Apart from that, how can i tell?

    Also, where can i pick up full fairings for the 250? cheers

  2. Dual front disc is the RR. Look at the Tyga kits they look pretty good
  3. :LOL: was already on the tyga site. they look hot!!!! trying to find pricings now
  4. i'm drooling... obviously have to order from OS?
  5. headlights come in the kit, does it not??

    Bcomponents looks to import which should be good. Next step, need to get em sprayed :)
  6. The head lights are included.

    I think it comes with a new sub-frame as well, but you might want call and check it out.

    A good spray job will cost as much as the fairings
  7. hmmm, kit costs 1100 itself but side fairings are identical to the originals... should be able to pick them up from somewhere!?
  8. Been hearing/reading lots of stories of very slow delivery after ordering from this local supplier.

    As I said stories, so at the very least, the suggestion to do your homework etc would not be amiss.
  9. I think the tyga are abit over priced tho. $1100-$1300 unpainted. I dont think they look that great either. There are better ones I've seen and work with.

    The ones I've been working with are quite similar to tyga ones. but insted of having scooter lights like tyga kits, the kits Ive been working on have the cbr600rr lights and wind screen on them. The tail part it's also has a 600rr tail light in them un-like the little led strip tyga provide you. I think I've said enough. pm me for more details.

    Oh the kits I'm talking about are fiber glass too so more crash resistant.
  10. Cheers for the heads up! Probably easier to order direct from UK
  11. back on topic ;)

    My old compliance plate said R where as it was a RR, I was told it is cheaper to compliance a R than the RR so it was done this way...

    I do think the designs are different in the fairings tho, so you'll need to fine out what it is, the RR (as described above) will have the dual front calipers (but this could also be transplanted if someone wanted to), but also take a look at the swing arm (that connects the rear wheel to the frame) it is different from R to RR, but you'll have to find pictures of both to compare it to. :)
  12. MC22 (RR) has dual rotors, MC19 (R) does not.
    MC22 has a cast/welded swingarm with a kink, MC19 looks like one big extruded bar
    MC22 rear fearing kinks up going towards the rear, MC19 is straight.

    I was a little worried too with my old RR being stated complied as R, thinking it had been rebirthed, but all the numbers checked out. Definitively you can tell with the frame and engine number.

    CBR250R(J) : 1988;
    Aka : CBR250 Single R
    Engine Number : MC14E – 1000001~
    Frame Number : MC19 – 1000001~
    CBR250R(K) : 1989;
    Aka : CBR250 Single R
    Engine Number : MC14E – 1000001~
    Frame Number : MC19 – 1000001~
    CBR250RR(L) : 1990 – 1991;
    Aka : CBR250 Double R
    Engine Number : MC14E – 1140001~
    Frame Number : MC22 – 1000001~
    CBR250RR(N) : 1992 – 1993;
    Aka : CBR250 Double R
    Engine Number : MC14E – 1140001~
    Frame Number : MC22 – 1050001~
    CBR250RR(R) : 1994 – 1999;
    Aka : CBR250 Double R
    Engine Number : MC14E – 1400001~
    Frame Number : MC22 – 1100001
  13. my friend has rr and says all above and rr redines 1000rpm higher or sumthing like that
  14. Bloody oath.

    WowlTurkey: Stay away dude. Anyone asking that kind
    of money is a rip-off merchant [​IMG]

    You should be paying HALF that amount, fully painted.
  15. oh common MG 1100 bucks for cbr250r/rr parts thats a bargain, i mean these things are worth more then gold, go have a look at the sale prices 5-7k for these suckers, i mean these bad boys must have the lastest and great cutting edge techno crap in em, so whats 1100 buks on some fairing for this masterpiece of a motorcycle.

    :rofl: :p :bolt:

    btw i completely agree 1100 :shock:
  16. any idea as to where? the only 2 places i've checked (or can find) are charging 1100 unpainted. maybe i'll just stick with the standard cibby kit. just thought tyga would be a bit of fun, but def overpriced for the 250 lol