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what bike aargh

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dgmeister, May 3, 2012.

  1. I guess my life must be good because my biggest problem is which bike to buy!

    2000 ZX9R
    2003 GSXR750
    2003 R6
    2004 CBR600RR

    The decision is hard, all bikes are awesome!

    I don't know what i am even asking, but anyone who has ridden some of these bikes can have a bit of a spiel. I know the general technology and what they are made for, but bike specific comments.

    Bike is for an all rounder sole vehicle and occasional track day, so all
    roundedness with track ability is my goal.

    i am thinking gixxer 750!
  2. Gixxer!!
  3. Ride them all, pick the one that feels the best value/fit for your dollar.

    I would lean towards the GSXR or the ZX9, personally going the ZX9 because I really like them. That and they are all day comfortable.
  4. The cbrs are very very very dull in standard form. The old R6s are pretty solid. My mates got an 04 r6 with 100,000 km on it and it still goes hard.

    I think the zx9s are a bit prehistoric but pretty solid. Some people/mags class them as a sports tourer not a superbike.

    Never ridden a gixer so got no idea.
  5. of course none of them have rego so test riding and riding it home when purchased
    will be a PITA
  6. i like the r6 so thats what i would get. the 04 cbr600 is probably a better track bike with a revvier engine but in reality on the street that means SFA.
  7. ZX9R.

    I've got an '02 and love it to bits, can and has done just about everything. 10 hour day? No worries. Country rides? Easy as you like. Scratching through your favourite twisty bit of backroad? Got you covered. Blasting around the track? Will be more than respectable there too. Commuting through the city? They're not as wide as they look. Pillioning? The 98 - 01 models have one of the more comfy pillion arrangements. Hell, I've even ridden mine down dirt trails on road tyres without too much hassle.

    They are one of the most stable bikes you will ever ride while still being capable of scratching up a storm through the twisty bits and being comfy on the ride home to boot. I'll grant that they are a little heavier than a modern thou, but that weight rapidly diminishes once on the move and the larger fairing keeps virtually all the wind and rain off if you want to commute all year round.

    They can even fit a reasonable amount of stuff under the pillion seat as an added bonus. You won't win any power wars with your mates on thousands, but the sane gearing and fantastic low/mid range power means they are one of, if not the, best choices for everyday riding. 132 hp at the rear is still nothing to be sneezed at. If all-roundedness is your goal, you can't go past the 9. Virtually everyone who has ever sold one regrets it since there's not much like them left these days.
  8. none of them are bad models. Look at condition, service history and try to sneek a ride on them.

    Providing they aren't already trashed, you can't really go wrong with any of them.
  9. They're all reliable bikes, so go with whichever one you like and preferably the one with the lowest kms/best service history.

    In saying this, Hondas are known as being the most comfortable, while Kawas and R6s are a little bit more aggressive.