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What batteries fit a vtr250?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by trd2000, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Ours conveniently died last night and i forgot to check what was in it before setting it on fire... I mean chaining it up somewhere safeish.

    I've read yt9x, yt9b, YTX7L-BS... But all have different dimensions....

    My plan is to pick one up today then pick up the bike, so I want to make sure what I get fits and works... He bigger the better cause I'm not stressed about weight but it needs to fit.

    What are you guys using??
  2. I can't help with what fits. But I just bought a Mottobat off ebay from a supplier in NSW. It was shipped overnight, I got a free Projecta maintenance charger with it all for $89, which was only $9 more than one I had to go pick up.
  3. I replaced my last month, the box says part number is 4-CTZ7S. With the one I took out being a Power road DTZ7S-BS. They are the same dimensions. If i recall correctly the ones with a 9 in the model number were too long and wouldnt fit in the compartment.