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What backpack/bag do you use?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mpfprocess, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. I have been using this small backpack I bought when I was overseas at the age of 14. It is pretty small and uncomfortable and has stupid straps that bang on my helmet in the wind sometimes.

    So I am wanting a new bag for when I am riding. Comfort is the major thing as it usually wont have to hold much more than some gear and a lunch box. What bag/backpack are you guys using? What would you recommend?

    - Matt
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    I have the Kriega R25 bag.


    The great thing about this is its designed for bike riding and the weight gets placed on your chest and not your lower back as a normal backpack would do.

    There is also a R35 waterproof version, however i've used this in the rain and haven't had any issues with stuff getting wet. Mind you i have not ridden with it in a downpour to really test it.


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  3. Thanks JayteeJaytee, Kriega R25, I do like it, have been looking around and it is pretty up there in choices. Price tag is hefty but worth it if it lasts a long time, it will be used daily. Didn't notice it wasn't waterproof though, may have to get the 35 if it is waterproof as I do sometimes have a laptop to take from work and back.
  4. Kriega always comes highly recommended and I'm looking at a tail pack (Possibly a US20) but for daily use (Both bike related and non-bike), I've got a Crumpler Messenger Bag for the last 5 years.

    I've used the Crumpler bag in all seasons and never had any issues. There's a locking mechanism which goes under the arm and keeps it tied down at all speeds. I also use it as a cabin bag in the trips I've gone on SO very very handy for me. :)

    Here's a pic from the website.

  5. I have and use when touring an Ogio No Drag back pack (Redbull signature edition inGrey/Silver which sort of matches my bike).

    There are currently 3 models available in this style of backpack, the Mach 1, the Mach 3 and the Mach 5 (in order of increasing price).

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  6. I have a Kriega30 and Kriega20 backpack.
    My Kriega 30 and I have done some serious travels in all temps including -9C and no probs. no wet issues at all.
    I went away for work in May for 8 days and managed with the kriega and another backpack. I had fresh reg grundies and bras and enough clothes to mixn match to be gussied up enough oh plus toiletries and the warpaint. Great stuff
    Worth the outlay I reckon.
  7. Kriega R30. The main compartment is waterproof with a Nylon rolltop bag, the other two pockets are water resistant, and has only gotten damp in a downpour.

    Same goes for the weight bearing as per above, and it compresses down to nothing with the included straps and strap retainers.

  8. Got this on fleabay 75 bucks good size expands to fit a full face helmet. 20151203_152036.
  9. I normally use the Ventura rack and bag, but for carrying my lap top around I bought an RJays Lap top back pack (well work paid for it).
  10. I bought one of the bags that Aldi was selling in August - works great
  11. Another Kriega R30 user here. Cannot fault it and definitely waterproof.
  12. I have the Dianese D-exchange. Very comfortable, the two cross strap buckles (one chest, one middle) are magnetic and slide in from top to bottom meaning its easy to use with gloves on, built in rain cover in bottom section. Pretty good. Has a laptop padded section inside

  13. I have two, one Aldi one and also a small bright blue patagonia back pack which I use most of the time.
  14. I have a Kriega R25, and it's great. The way it straps on to you you can barely tell it's there unless you've got something super heavy in it.
    If I was buying a backpack again I would go the R30 with its waterproof compartment. I have been putting a cover on the R25 since I got caught in some heavy rain at one point and ended up with a wet laptop (luckily no damage).

    That being said I'm looking to switch it out for a Kriega US20+10 or US30 tailbag when I get the funds together (and confirm my laptop will fit in it). They're waterproof, and I'd prefer to not have something strapped to me if I can avoid it.
  15. Kriega US35 and US5 here. Great stuff.
  16. I spend a lot of time outdoors so I actually have too many, but each has its own specialty.
    Most of them I just attach to the bike depending on what I need to carry if it won't fit in my little Oxford tank/tail 18l.

    The only one I actually wear regularly as a backpack on the bike is a Swiss Gear bag, from the makers of the Swiss Army Knife.
    It's a bit like this
    [US$54.80] - SWISSGEAR SA-9393 Bag Backpack Sleeve for 15 inches Laptops (Black) : Airyear Electronics Cheap Gadgets Shop
    The main point is that it has extra long straps so that it's easy to put on and off over your bike jacket.
    It's showerproof, has 3 main pockets and an IPod pocket and port.
    Bonus was it only cost $17, through a guy that was importing them. You might find one cheap on EBay.
  17. Rjays laptop bag

    Forget I even have it on while riding.
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  18. Backpacks are hateful things don't do that to yourself. Kriega tailbags are excellent and easy.
  19. Deuter backpacks and Krieger bags. I find the dueters reduce fatigue a lot cause they're built to put weight on your hips not shoulders. They also have aero options for cyclists.... This probably helps with the fatigue/comfort.
  20. I just bought some random back pack that had good airflow between my back and the backpack, plenty of pockets with a rain proof pocket.

    Cost like $50......