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N/A | National What attributes make a good motorcycle safety ad?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. What attributes make a good motorcycle safety ad?

    Let me get you started.
    - The entire riding demographic is treated respectfully and is not demonised.
    - The ad talks to the risk of an activity not generalising across all riders.
    - If directed at a segment of riders, that is clearly indicated.
    - The ad represents physical reality
    - The ad is realistic
    - The ad uses statistics honestly
    - The ad speaks to driver awareness and their shared responsibility
    etc etc....

    Give us more.

    Perhaps dig up the Mick Doohan, MCCofNSW and "Think UK" ad's and answer what makes them so good?
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    if it is aimed at changing a certain demographics behaviour, dont just tell them to 'do it this way' point out the advantages of doing it a certain way,

    in my experiance, people dont like being told what to do, although telling someone how doing something differently helps them has more of a chance of getting things done
  3. -Identify the road users who are ACTUALLY at fault and address the actual issues contributing to the incident and how they could have been avoided. Showing the car driver in handcuffs and the consequences of them doing jail time (perhaps with one leg of their prison greens rolled up and missing a couple of teeth) after mowing down and killing a rider without looking instead of dwelling on the victim.
  4. Aim the ads at the riders, educate, don't lecture them.


    This to me is a good ad (there's a better DPS one out there I just can't find it). It tells me what I need to do to survive, not the aftermath of what happens if I don't.


    This is a great ad too, if the goal is to scare people off motorcycling. As a rider it tells me nothing I don't already know and is of no benefit to me. It misses the WIIFM (Whats in it for me) principle which all good ads should have, this clearly has none.
  5. Keep it coming folks.

    Some other suggested dimensions...

    - campaigns should target both motorcyclists and other road users
    - campaigns should not to discourage people from taking up motorcycling
    - A good ad is not "anti-motorcycling messages dressed up as road safety..."
  6. i think that 38 times add is what keeps the electionscaring advertisers busy between those political mugshot ads every 3-4 years.

    the thing i like about the UK ads is they start by aknowledging that motorcycling is fun... they relate to us by appealing to WHY we ride... and introduce scenarios we're well aware of, but they want to keep in the front of our mind or help us avoid.... tractors pull out round blind corners... no blame on the rider for going too fast... it's just one of those things that can happen... i agree with @Beza.. the WIIFM factor.

    the UK adds always make me WANT to go for a ride.. but make me think about riding responsibly in case things come up.... i'm left with that... yeah you're right that can happen feeling, not the, oh you're so full of shit i hate you and i hate paying my taxes and i hate the government and i want to either bomb your building or depose the government so i can get rid of you lying sacks of shit...sort of feeling. ps. i'll ride how i want to spite you... fcuk you. feeling.
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  7. Motorcyclist are shown as legitimate road users just like any other registered vehicle.

    Motorcycle as a viable alternative of transport not a road hazard.

    Show that all walks of life ride bikes not just the stereo types
  8. They have to have some humour.
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  9. ^^ this
    It's not just men that ride bikes :)

    Humour would work well too, much like the NSW viral ad where they were all naked and they played on the 'what do we have to do for you to notice us?' angle.

    Personally for me advertising which seeks to shock and horrify has less effect than positive messages.
  10. Safety ads should promote awareness, not fear and loathing.

    Ad's should teach not preach.
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  11. It must be relatable. Like this ad. Where RTA NSW actually took the right rider advice/input.
    It must be couched in a manner that riders relate to - like this ad - it educates - not tells us to suck eggs.

    It should sound like it is coming from someone who riders accept as a creddible source, someone who commands rider respect (not doctors, surgeons, MUARC or anyone who hasn't got a shit load of riding experience).

    The products are already there. TAC should take them and use them. They could save a shit load of money if they did that - instead of coming up with their own designed and developed crap....

    Mick Doohan SA ad - ready to use. UK Think ads - ready to use. It doesn't take a Brain Surgeon to pick what ad campaigns to use - the work has already been done for them, TAC don't need to re-invent the wheel.
  12. Absolutely correct. But it is not only the statutory authorities that derive pleasure in their own power base and parochialism.
  13. Who else is deriving pleasure from their parochially reinforced power base?
  14. If there wasn't a fetish for it before, there probably is now.
  15. No wait for Psycho's answer. He speaks in forked tongues too often - this time he needs to speak plainly.

    If there's no answer the post will be being removed for potentially attempting to derail the thread.
  16. Rob
    It would be nice if you kept on topic and stopped taking things so personally. You seem particularly inclined to the ad hominem when a person's POV conflicts with your own.

    There is, in fact, many a vested interest out there pushing their own agenda. Failure to acknowledge that is to fail to be realistic... just like some of the bad ads we have inflicted on us.

    Naturally the best solution would be dialogue with all interested parties. Ads need to reflect best practise as well as make their point. The NSW placard ad 'Plan Your Corners' does this very well as it reflects what is taught as well as plain good sense.

    Ads that have humour seem to appeal to the demographic ... I think this is evident from your own mention of the UK 'think' campaign.

    My 2c
  17. State governments can't even sit down and agree. We all know this but how many other groups are not interested in what is done outside their own nine dots. Everyone from retailers, research groups, planners, social groups and enthusiasts have their own State bodies. Are they all united or are they fragmented? Unity would go a long way and my comments should be read in relation to JDK's comment of advertising involvement in NSW.
  18. Don't get suckered into it, there is no such thing as a good "motorcycle safety" add.
    There are two types of add that contribute to the safety of motorcyclists they are rider education and driver awareness.
    The former is a poor use of resources, for the kind of money an effective add campaign costs you could give every licensed rider vouchers to advanced rider training courses that will have a much greater impact on their safety than an add.
    The latter might help us not to get run over but the short term impact will be small, the long term impact of encouraging more riders is where the real safety gains to existing riders are to be found. The problem with this is that the "statistics" will RISE for motorcyclists and the entire road toll and we all know where that leads.
    The only way that adds could have a positive outcome for motorcyclists is incorporating motorcycle safety into broader road safety campaigns, increasing awareness without singling us out for for "special attention".
    Advertising is not about telling the truth it is about creating a truth and that is a political/media battle we can't win at the moment.
  19. Next person to write add instead of ad gets a kick in the nether regions
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