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What aspect of a HD do you like/dislike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jd, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. A sportsbike with a HD engine (eg Buell)

  2. A HD frame with the engine from a Japanese sportsbike

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  3. None of the above - full Harley or nothing

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  4. None of the above - wouldn't ride anyhting with HD parts

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  5. Don't really care, just like answering polls

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  1. Seems Harleys are the centre of attention at the moment which got me wondering, just what aspect of these bikes do people love/hate the most. Way I see it there's two things that make a HD distinctive, the engine and the styling so which of these would people be prepared to live without (or with).

  2. Never ridden one, but would be keen to if there is a chance... but my understanding is they are expensive but does not handle/go well ?

    Each to their own I guess...
  3. I love the noise and the shiny bits on them. :)

    Give me a dirty Harley, 15 bottles of polish and a weekend. I wouldn't get bored. :)
  4. [img:800:600:7e5e5d1c63]http://www.mickhone.com.au/yamaha/YAMAHA%20IMAGES/99_02_2l.jpg[/img:7e5e5d1c63]

    ^One please!

    Closest poll option was HD frame, Jap engine :)
  5. The individual who voted for, 'A HD frame with the engine from a Japanese sportsbike', is a clear danger to humanity, and must be hunted down and destroyed like a rabid dog before this madness spreads..... :shock: :shock:
  6. And yet... HD have built something almost along these lines, with the V-Rod engined machines. OK, it's not really quite like a sports bike engine (although it was developed from a racer), but it DOES produce pretty decent power along with somewhat higher revs. I'm intrigued to see where this will lead them.
  7. Would be piss funny to see a harley scream past at 15,000RPM though :LOL:
  8. I quite like the V-Rod, particularly the Night Rod, its definitely a step in the right direction. If the frame, suspension, and brakes moved just a bit further away from the too-soft, too-raked, cruiser style, I think it could be a top bike. I have read that it sells well to first time HD owners, but is not popular with the HD die-hards. As much as I like it, if it is to compete against bikes like the Yamaha Warrior which is an absolute jewel, in a market that is not HD myopic, then it still has a way to go. (I wouldn't say no to one though).
  9. I voted for 1), because I actually really like the idea of low-revving, simple engine. I don't care if it was made by HD or anybody else, just as long as it is something along these lines. Low revs, air cooling, as few parts as possible, low maintenance, high reliability - that's what I really want to see in my engine, not insane power and rev figures.
  10. What do I dislike about them?

    The whole 'weekend warrior' image that the 40 something accountants and lawyers have given them. They have an image of "OK I'm 45yrs old and need something to spice up my life, what flavour do I want, Porsche or Harley?"

    The bikes themselves, there are a couple that I really like the look of, and a couple I think are pig ugly. The main problem I would have in riding one (apart from the image thing) is I don't think I would be comfortable with my legs out in front of me. Just a personal thing having only ever ridden dirt bikes and sports/naked bikes.
  11. having ridden an Highly Dangerous...I am embarassed to say
    there is not a lot I can say in their defence

    They don't go around corners real well
    I have better brakes on my pushie
    the bits that fell off or undid themselves were embarassing
    a ride to the local coffee shoppè was a pain in the coccyx
    my Victa has better output per engine cc ..than a HD

    ....as I said :roll:
  12. I know I could certainly live with one of these (HD engine, French bike)
  13. You Masochist.[img:29:32:2fe92f5431]http://img175.imageshack.us/img175/7894/wowqb8.gif[/img:2fe92f5431]
  14. I will tell you all how & why I like my H-D so much, was on a long ride once when I had to make tracks to get back to Melbourne, a girl on a H-D was there & she too wanted to get back, we travelled together and as we got closer to the urban areas we had to stop at traffic lights, travelling together in the same lane and stoped at the lights I remember looking at her and her bike, she was no beauty but her bike was, the frame was only slightly moving, her arms where relatively still on the bars, she was talking to me but I wasn’t listening, I kept looking and staring at her motor, it was rumbling on idle, it was like you had pried open a persons chest cavity and saw a live heart exposed and beating to a psychotic rhythm, I looked down at my ride, a trusty V-Twin Honda, whom had never skipped a beat, always started every go and was a reliable & trustworthy companion- much like a blind persons Labrador, I glanced again at the H-D and the junkyard dog attitude its motor had, so the next week I went and bought one.
    Not all V-twins are equal; certainly NO Japanese cruiser motor has that H-D feel. They may stop better or get there faster but that is the last thing I appreciate or value in a cruiser, I don’t want anything thats smooth as silk or lightning fast, it means absolutely nothing in a cruiser, if I wanted fast id be on a K6 gixer, I like my H-D and even if it had no brakes and couldn’t muster speeds over 100 I wouldn’t care any the less, so long as its motor behaves like a freak and the chrome and paintwork are of quality, that’s all I care about.
  15. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about! I really want that bike to go into full-scale production, and to make its way to Australia... well, one can hope and dream, right? But point of order - the engine is S&S, not Harley. I think they got the initial design from HD, but it is a different company, and I imagine by now the engine is at least a bit different too.
  16. Sign me up for a Buell Firebolt. 900, 1200, doesn't matter. They look awesome and the abundance of torque would be great fun in such a wee bike. What's not to like? If only they were a tad cheaper.

    As for HD themselves - the Sportster is a pretty good value for money cruiser with good looks IMO, and I like the VRod (Street Rod especially).

    The only reason I won't be buying a Harley is the fact that they're cruisers, if I was in the market for a cruiser at any stage I certainly wouldnt discount them.
  17. I've ridden seven different models, thanks to a generous HD dealer who is no longer in existence, but have no space/money/need to get more bikes in the shed. I had no problems with them, loved the Road King, felt like steeing a big boat - loved it!
  18. Why don't HD put a V-Rod engine in a Buell designed frame? Now that would be a bike to reckoned with....
  19. I love the bling, the sound, and the comfort.
    I HATE the price tag.
  20. Now that's a bike I could live with very nice idea