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what are your top 5 Best Sites when its raining

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rich, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. Ok, so I was thinking what contribution I could make to the general vibe and here it is- what are your favorite motorbike related sites. Heres my top 5 in no particular order


  2. I was sure someone would would have posted that blood coloured tube site by now?
  3. 1. Netrider
    2. Bikesales
    3. Googlemaps
    4. orsm (MFC)
    5. YouTube

    Hint : Not necessarily in that order :D
  4. google maps? mate
  5. youporn
  6. I like to do some kinda study mate ! :LOL: Can't be p0rn/bike p0rn ALL the time ;)
  7. Ooh, hadn't heard of beeg before! Will check that one out...
  8. Planning on slapping your helmet again?8-[
  9. It's been a bad, bad boy ;)
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  12. Meh, was probably alright 20 years ago, before modern technology got its hands on them.

    Let me add that I don't personally vouch for the quality of every clip on that site - there's some stuff that's just wrong.

    This is just as graphic, but a lot more politically correct. The choice of material is a lot more limited, however.

  13. Fake boobs were alright 20 years ago??? Did you even click on that link I posted?

    ETA: Awesome site. Thanks.
  14. I meant that the boobs in the clip pointed to by the link that you posted were probably ok 20 years ago, when they were younger and not full of plastic. Do I like the way they look now? No - it's a bit over the top.
  15. Mate, you gotta keep the visor clean.
  16. Ohhh right!

    Yeah I was trying to get feedback from straight guys as to whether anyone found them attractive (as they are now)...