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What are your thoughts on the new KTM Supermoto T?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by La Fletche, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. Is it a Super Motard?

    Where does it fit againts a Super Duke?

    Check it out on the KTM Australia website.

  2. The 990 SM Travel is a sort of a performance light weight multipurpose bike
    it has some aspects of a motard but has a 2 person seat screen and mounts for luggage.
    it may come with bags but that is yet to be confirmed.
    it has the 09 superduke motor mated to the 09 adventure gear box.
    Took it around eastern creek last monday and is very quick comfy and stable.
    Shannon Johnson took it around and scared a few good RC8 riders. Very impresive bike.
    It should land in dealers this month for orange and next month for silve/ grey
  3. can you jump it?

    if you cant...i dont think its a real tard.

    and yes i jumped the 800 once....was ...interesting lol
  4. It's basically targetted directly at the Triumph Tiger 1050, which (until now) was one of the lightest and definitely the most powerful of the 'tall sports-touring bikes'.

    Same weight (KTM is 1kg lighter, 196kg vs 197kg)
    Same fuel tank (Tiger is 20L, KTM 19L)
    Same power (Tiger 115hp, KTM 116hp)
    Same engine size (Tiger 1050cc, KTM 990cc)
    Same height (Tiger 835mm seat, KTM 855mm seat)

    Both are two-seat, luggage-friendly tall and upright-seated sports-touring bikes. I think it could be interesting. :)
  5. So if the Tiger is classed as a duel sports where is the KTM Supermoto T classed?
  6. The old Tigers were classed as dual-purpose 'adventure tourers', but the current Tiger 1050 is not intended for offroad anymore - it has sportsbike wheels and tyres, sportsbike brakes, and the exhaust and rear brake caliper are in a vulnerable location for offroading.

    It's a sports-tourer, effectively, and I think the 990 SM T is the same.

    KTM's own website says it's "extremely sporty" and for "country roads" and "motorways". No Baja racing for this one. :)
  7. They haven't invented a class for it yet!

    Tiger, IMHO, is not a dual sport either. It doesn't pretend to dirt skills any more than a standard naked bike. Neither does the 'MotoT.

    What it is, is a kind of hybrid, like as the standard 990SM. Motard style frame, suspension, brakes, riding position. Road bike engine and weight. T just gets more comfort bits added and a bigger tank.

    If it compares to anything other than the Tiger, it's the Multistrada. These two bikes get used as sporty tourers and that's where the T will fit in as well IMHO.

    (BTW slikncghia, you can jump a 950SM, it rides best 'motard style. But you won't win races on one.)
  8. Yeah, that was the other bike that came to mind (though it's less powerful than either). Multistrada, literally 'many roads'... These are bikes which can keep up with the sportsbikes in the twisties and yet still be comfortable on rough-as-guts country backroads, and maybe the odd gravel road.

    They take the comfortable aspects of a dual-purpose bike (medium suspension travel, wide handlebars, upright seating) and marry them with the go-fast, go-slow and go-around-corners parts from sportsbikes.

    The non-Adventure version of the BMW R1xy0GS is good for this role too.
  9. Thanks for the answers.
  10. I just had a look over at ktmtalk, and it seems that some people are putting dual-sport tyres on 950/990SMs an turning them into quasi adventure bikes. The consensus seems to be Pirelli MT60s for a combination of road grip and dirt ability. That would easily work on a T, but it wouldn't get as far off the track as, say, a 990 Adventure.
  11. Sounds fun. :)

    I wouldn't want to get close to bottoming it (or the Tiger) out on a rock, though, what with the exhaust pipe hanging down there just waiting to be crushed like a paper cup.

    Would certainly make gravel/dirt road exploring more enjoyable though. Pilot Road2 sportsbike tyres are a bit squirmy on loose surfaces.
  12. the main thing that worries me on rocky roads is hitting a sharpish protrusion and shredding the relatively soft tyre tread.
  13. Yeah, it's a reasonable thing to be afraid of. Riding on rocky/gravel roads is a nightmare for me; every crunch, pop and ping sound the tyres make as they roll over twigs and rocks makes me fear for a puncture.

    FWIW, all my mountainbiking, driving and motorcycling punctures have been snakebites (MTB tyre pressures way too low; the rim punctures the tube upon landing a jump) or nails and screws in paved carparks.

    The Tiger's Pilot Road tyres did get mildly lacerated on the surface by 100+km of gravel riding, but the lacerations were less than a millimetre or so deep. :)
  14. I think these things are awesome and a great evolution of the 950 SM. There is also the 990 SM R.
    Check out the latest Two Wheels, there's a write up on both. Frakkin sexy beasts.
    I'd go the SM T.
  15. There are some good video reviews on You Tube of the SMT. It gets lot of praise and was preferred to the Tiger and Multistrada in an English comparison test (also on YouTube).

    It's however very expensive - without ABS and any extras its about $22.5 K on the road.

    I am thinking of test riding one - buts as I said - very expensive....
  16. I testrode an SMT the other day ... and I couldn't grok it at all.

    The good:

    Absolutely lovely chassis and riding position. I'm 6'7 and found the ergonomics one of the best I've tried on any bike. Upright, feet ever so slightly backwards, hands out in front of you. Great!

    Seat was a little too angular for my arse, but my pillion found it comfy!

    Quite a bit of heat from the plant, but it was all down below me and only made my feet and ankles warm.

    Gearbox was nice. It's no japanese cogbox, but quite easy to live with.

    The bad:

    Seriously snatchy throttle. Had a lot of trouble trying to maintain a steady speed. Even the superduke that I tried afterwards was far more behaved.

    Vibey engine. Good god, I've never felt vibrations so well. It was fatigueing within the thirty minutes I took the bike out for a highway/dirt loop. Rear plastic fairings were rattling against the frame and mirrors were a blur.

    Shame. I really was quite interested in it, but I can't fathom placing big bucks on one. The superduke on the otherhand...