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What are your options if you can't ride your bike home?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by singlemalt, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I was just wondering what options there are if you can't ride your bike home (crash or mechanical issue)? I understand there is no RACQ for bikes...

    Do you just leave your bike where it is and get it privately towed by a "normal" car towing service? Do you try your luck with the dealer? Can you leave your bike on the side of the road? Is there a high chance of it being stolen or taken away?

    I was talking to dangerous_daveo about this awhile back and I just realised I had no idea even where to even start if that was to happen to me...

    And I don't have any friends with utes :)

  2. yes, this forum does need a separate sub section for people who buy hyosungs.
  3. There are bike transport companies with 24hr service. I have a card in my wallet for Ezy-Movers, it states they offer 24hr roadside recovery.

    Realistically though, just don't crash or break down too far from home. That way you can just push it.
  4. well here in brizzy there are a few specialist bike towies.
    i wouldn't trust my bike to still be there when i got back unless i could dynabolt it to the tarmac, and even them someone will still have a crack at lifting it.
    pretty sure normal car towies will take bikes, it's all money to them, btu i guess that would be a matter of asking the companies in your area
  5. RACQ>
    ok, so i'm in Melbourne (crime capital of the world), therefore i have RACV membership.. let us assume they are one and the same, albiet some minor cultural diferences.
    anyway, car or motorcycle, same difference to them... they"ll send out someone if you break down, or it won't start etc... they"ll sell you insurance and whatever else they do.
    but they won't send someone out if you bin it.

    for transporting a bike, whatever the reason, you have other options too.
    look in your local business/services directories.
    i keep a couple of cards in my wallet for motorcycle transport companies.
    they both offer 24/7 emergency breakdown service, crane pick up if neccessary, insurance pick ups, storage and lock up facilities.

    it costs a few bob if you have to use them obviously, but unless you've a mate with a trailer, theres no cheaper option.
    and all things considered, cost is actually quite reasonable... theres quite a few around in the game now and pricing is competitive.
  6. if you own a Honda you can get Honda Roadside Assistance


    I've not had to use it, but like all insurance, when you don't have it is when you'll need it
  7. Are you sure RACQ don't do cover for bikes? NRMA certainly do and I have it for my bike.
  8. Thanks,

    I just didn't know where to start or who to start looking at. I will find some and have there cards in my wallet just in case.

    Unfortunately I don't have a honda - but my friend does and that is useful information.

  9. That was what I was told in the past - but I'll look into it now.

  10. ouch!!!
  11. It looks like its only for cars, no?