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What are you usually pulled over for?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Porchy, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. G'day crew,

    I have just read the rather interesting discussion in regards to the case in front of the courts on the police and their rites in pulling over drivers and passengers. While I found it quite interesting, it got me thinking (I know that must hurt right?!).

    In my growing number of years driving and my first year of riding on our fantastic Victorian roads, I have been pulled over next to no times. Other than booze bus/RBT checks, I have been pulled over twice in my Monaro (the guy wanted a look the first time and was a car fan) and the second time was to show his partner how the club plate scheme works. Touch wood, I am yet to be pulled over on the bike.

    That all being said, I am obviously still a relative newbie in the land of bikes and was wondering how often others tend to get pulled over on bikes.

    What are you usually pulled over for? Being honest, is it because of your bike choice, are you riding like a knob or is it something that happens because you ride a bike in general?

    Just interested as to people's experiences and thoughts.

  2. Been pulled over as part of a random breath test station pulling over all vehicles in Warburton. Copper and I had fun trying to figure out how to blow with a full face helmet. Cops were good, their job was really making sure roads are safe for all of us.
    Not an unpleasant experience, but as I knew I was zero, there was no pressure.
  3. In previous riding seasons they have had periods where riders are specifically targeted and pulled over in the common twisty areas. Then given a lecture on safety, riding gear etc. This misguided program was a TAC initiated piece of harassment which greatly annoyed riders. To be pulled over for a random check or because they have observed a traffic infringement is one thing, to be targeted specifically because of your choice of vehicle is another.

    Most of us, if we are honest, don't begrudge Police random checks but blatant full trolling by them against a specific community is to be actively discouraged, politically and otherwise.
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  4. Maybe once or twice a year when our local boys in khaki do their RBT thing. They know I don't drink but it's a number thing.

    They had a big traffic blitz at Port Augusta last year where they pulled everyone up in the weighbridge area.

    I got the breathe test which went ok and the young city copper then asked about the trailer and how it went for towing. A few 18 wheelers got defected and a few drug bust as well that day.

    In WA I had an RBT once where I was pulled over just because of the ST. Turned out both cops were ex WA police riders and the ST1100 was their ride. Breathe test was just a formality. I was on my way 15 minutes later.

    The only time I could have booked I was let off with a warning. Coming back to SA and within 5 kms Eucla I was doing 110. With the trailer I usually sit 90/100 with the throttle lock on but getting closer to the border went up to the state limit.

    I did see the white wagon coming from Eucla and watched it as it U turned after we passed each other and I was curious as to why until the sirens came on for me.

    I was aware that heavy/towing vehicles in WA can only do 100kph but the signs only ever showed buses and trucks not bikes or cars. I was doing 10k over the limit as I was towing my trailer. Anyway they let me of with a caution.
  5. Only ever for a booze bus RBT mostly on the bike so far, was pulled over once for a random licence and rego check (rego sticker isn't in the best spot I'll admit) it was in the pouring rain, cop looked at my fender eliminator and said it was boarderline legal but let me go on my way.

    nice guy, spoke about the cop bikes for a bit and his r1 as well
  6. RBT and never anything else.

    The last time I was booked on the bike was December 2006.....
  7. I've been pulled up once before, I was around 200m from home the cops did a Uey to follow me from what I am assuming is nothing more then riding a sports bike at the time. I pulled up at my house and I'm guessing the cops thought I had just pulled over to dodge them. They came up with lights flashing and asked what I had stopped. After I pointed out that I was standing in front of my house it took them about 1 second to realised they had fcuked up and turn in to "friendly friendly" mode. I just chatted to them a bit and didn't kick up a stink and left it at that.
  8. Well on paper it would've been an RBT but it didn't feel random to me. Can't argue because he did breath test me and then proceeded to look for as many other trivial things to fine me for. Must've been time for his performance review or something. Eventually got done for a missing p plate which had obviously snapped off (cable ties and plate chunks still there).

    Of course he said I was lucky because I also had a bald front tyre (which I didn't) and I wasn't wearing glasses (but there was no hope explaining orthokeratology to him either) such a generous gentlemen only took 3 points and 2 hundred dollars.
  9. Usually get stopped for a license/rego check and a quick roadworthy eyeball. In all honesty you can almost see the attitude lift as soon as they realise I'm an old fart, sometimes to the point of being apologetic. Even the 'educational' spiels are delivered with a "sorry, I've got to do this" expression. Nearly always tell me to think about getting a new tyre though.

    I approach RBTs making it clear that I'm preparing to stop, and they 95% wave me through instead.

    It'll be interesting to see what affect automated number plate recognition has on the operations.
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  10. ^^^that happened to me last week, in the left lane, came to an RBT and the cop stepped out in front of the guy in right lane, pulled him in and waved me through, why do they always do that when you haven't had a drink ?
  11. I got pulled over once in 1992 for a license check ... local copper checked that I was indeed licensed for the bike I was on and that was it. I assume he'd seen me around on a 250 and I was on something bigger thus the spot check. Small country towns ... gotta love 'em.

    Every other time it's been because I have been caught being norty. I don't count RBTs.
  12. I usualy get done for indecent exposure
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  13. So it sounds like most pull overs are for RBTs or roadworthy checks. Isn't it funny that bikes seem to be targeted more often than cars. To take the discussion a little further, do we find that certain types of bikes get pulled more than others? For instance, despite the noise (which I love) I don't often see big cruisers getting pulled over for anything. Is it me being unobservant or is there a stereotypical look/style that gets more attention than others?
  14. I thought all cruiser riders were affiliated with a gang? Wouldn't they want to look for drugs? Lol
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  15. f ucken revenue raisers should be catching criminals
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  16. Lol.
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  17. Haven't been actually booked for quite a few years but have been warned a "few" times lol, last time I was pulled over was by a local bike plod who was extremely interested in how the Hossack front end worked on the K1300R, real nice bloke, chatted for half an hour or so then went our ways. :)
  18. Nothing....absolutly nothing officer
  19. I have only been RBTd once on the bike, and never booked, despite my norty habits and unorthodox rego holder.

    However a group I was in was at a servo in Seymour (?) and a cop pulled in and wanted to do some licence checks. Did two, then chatted awhile and left. No rego or RW checks.
  20. general harassment and molestation.
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