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What are you hoping Santa brings you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. Tell us what bike stuff you hope, or would like, to receive this Xmas :)

  2. I hope Santa Brings me great riding weather for:
    28th January
    10th and 11th january
    24th, 25th and 26th january

    OH - and health and prosperity to my family and to one and all in the new year. :)
  3. a set of bar end mirrors
  4. I’m not really fussy, I would be happy with a CBR600RR or a Daytona 675, a Prototype RSV4 would be nice, or a hypermotard if I had to.
    On the non Motorcycle front World Peace would be nice.
  5. A full set of leathers! Expensive ones! :twisted:

    and ummm no i won't get greedy, leathers are expensive ... *drool*
  6. My first bike (thanks fisher price for making that sound crap)... either VTR250, CBR250RR, or FZX250 Zeal. Or anything really.

    More than likely I will be buying it for myself in January. Damn Santa!
  7. New tires.

    Preferably the round black types, not the hexagonal shaped ones that are full of holes that I have on now...
  8. i'll put my order in for a Black CBR600RR or Dainese leathers...
  9. my new bike DR-Z400SM.....before chrissy would be nice :)
  10. A new handle-bar-mounted screen, please!

    {Oh, and world peace, of course :LOL:}
  11. well I'm hoping Santa would grant me a license.. a license I just lost today for doing a very silly speed on a silly bike
  12. That's no good. :cry:
  13. GSXR750 in white! Failing that one in black will do...
  14. All new gear - helmet, gloves, boots, leathers - mine is functional but tatty

    An advanced riding course

    A track day or two
  15. Santa already dropped off my Alpinestar suit - On the day he is bringing me a 1 to add to my 30 :(
  16. id like a new front fairing :(
  17. I would like a new pipe (pref Staintune, but I'm not fussy much), some leathers, a tank protector, a bag for my Ventura rack, Winter gloves and heated grips for next Winter (or for this Summer, the way the weather's going), a bike for my guy so he doesn't have to borrow mine...

    ...and peace, love and jolly good times for all :)

    Have you got all that, Jason? I've made space under my Christmas tree...come to think of it, there's nothing but space under my Christmas tree :oops:
  18. +1

    Knox back protector would be great, or a set of Pazzo's.
  19. A job... and err...cure for cancer... and world peace...

    and a Triumph Speed Triple in the driveway would be nice... :p