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What are you enjoying most?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kevinnugent, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. I know most of us new riders have had a fair amount of trepidation and fear going into this "sport" and more than a few of us have had mishaps and falls.

    I'd like to know what it is most that you're enjoying about what you're doing now!

    I know for me, it's the feeling you get from the acceleration. You don't quite get the same feeling in a car. The rush is quite the eye opener!

    How about you? Are you enjoying some special part of riding?
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  2. The thing I enjoyed from the beginning was the community it opened up. People just seem to be friendly no matter where you are, what your skill level is or what you want to do (track or sunday rides etc).
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  3. Roads are much more fun now! I'm enjoying filtering through peak hour, being able to enjoy twisty roads more, and also the community. You get some nutballs, but most are friendly...

    Oh, and if you say "I'm going for a ride" people accept it- you say "I'm going for a drive" and it's "oh, can I come, can you get, what time will you be back" etc ;)
  4. Girls are lucky like that. :)
  5. I went to the shops today on my bike. I didn't need to go to the shops. I wouldn't have driven my car. ;)

    I don't commute, but tomorrow I may take my bike and get it filled. It'll probably take me an hour, and cost about $3 as it doesn't need fuel either. Hehe
  6. I find every windy road and every mountain lookout just so I can ride there. Will post a couple of photos of my ride today on "a picture from you ride" string. Love being in the landscape, not looking at it from inside a capsule.

    :) ;)
  7. Cant top that feeling of the breeze going up your skirt.
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  8. Scooter rider? :p
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  9. When I was a new rider.

    As much as riding a sportsbike has its advantages I just sometimes want to break out the culottes find a scooter and ride around commando for a few hours.
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  10. Revbombing pedestrians... lol kidding. Definitely the acceleration. The learning curve for cornering is pretty fun too.
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  11. Having a tinted visor to stare at chicks at pedestrian crossings.
    Racing people who don't even know I'm racing them. I always win.
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  12. Do Piaggo's accelerate?
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    If it's anything like a Picasso it'll be good in a straight line.

    Edit: Apologies. Alcohol fueled puns. I'll show myself out.
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  14. A growing feeling of confidence as I pass 2000klms on the bike. Makes a pleasant change from feeling nervous before each ride.
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  15. Hallelujah! There is hope for me then!

    My first thought when I read the subject of this thread was: Enjoying? Am I supposed to be doing that too then? Along with clutch control, throttle control, braking, cornering, obeying the road rules, observing other road users, learning/practising roadcraft, not getting myself lost, and beating the elephant-sized-butterflies into submission? No time for enjoyment yet! :D
  16. Yes, Ness - exactly what I went through. Starting from scratch, never having ridden before (at 54 I might add !!) was daunting. I did have an advantage in riding for a short time in a paddock on a little braap dirt bike so at least I knew how to change a gear, and stop before I went on the courses. I did an introduction course, and then the "L" course with DECCA. But getting out on the road for the first time, having to concentrate on everything at once is daunting to say the least.
    It does get better as more things become routine, muscle memory and automatic.
    The only answer is saddle time.
    And remember, we are doing this for fun :D
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  17. In 6 months time if you get some practice in now, you'll be asking yourself "Was it really like that?" :cool:
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  18. hehehe yes, repeating that sentence to myself on Saturday morning was the only way I managed to even GET to my meeting point with my mentor! I know it can be fun, as I had a total blast as a pillion on my first ever ride. I just need to remind myself that the learning phase is just that, a phase, and it will pass.

    What I *did* enjoy from my trip out with my mentor on Saturday was just being in the sunshine and enjoying the scenery - we took a coastal route, so I got to see the sun shining on the water. It was a beautiful view, and for some reason I enjoyed it way more than I have ever enjoyed that route in my car! So that is what I know I will enjoy most - getting out and enjoying the countryside.
  19. I'm not using my bike as a commuter, so it'd bloody well better be fun on the weekends! :) Otherwise, I have too many things in my life that I don't enjoy. Don't need another one. hehe
  20. Lol! I race oblivious people too!

    Did beat a wanker in a commodore though... and another p-plater in a hatch who stalled it at the lights after asking to "race" hahahah